Before and After Episode 4

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Before and After Episode 4

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Before and After
Written by Tony

Hey gang , so the Secret admirer day thing was great but confusing , I got
two gifts but by two different people , Mark told me he sent me a gift and
the other has no owner , I don't know , I wont dwell on it I guess, so you
met my mom , she is great she really has my best interest at heart, my dad
well he is a different story. Oh and I accepted an invitation to Oliver's
Party wow it seems I really am Growing up, well I hope I am I guess we will
find out.

The next day I was nervous about going to Olivers Party tonight , what
would happen , who would be there , who would want me there , the only
upside to it all was I knew my best friend would be there with me. As I
walked to my locker my mind was on constant overload with things , such as
where I was headed in life,who would be in my life who wouldn't be in my
life, I know I over analyze things and I always think about the past , but
at this point it's helping me cope a little I guess. I put in my
combination on the lock and opened my lock I put my book bag inside and
took out my American History book . I should write a book on my history so
far it didn't look too good. "hey Steve" I heard a voice behind me it was
Oliver "hi Oliver" I smiled at him he smiled back "so are you really coming
to my party or are you twisting my chain" he stated "I'm coming , oh wow
that sounds familiar" he laughed so did I " yes it does" he looked dead in
my eyes , his sparking brown eyes were taunting in a way that makes you
want him and forget about any of his flaws or mistakes "you should go
before Amanda comes and think something is going on" I stated "I don't care
what she thinks, Maybe.." Mark approached "hey Stevie, so I was wondering
if you could help me with my history assignment" he leaned in way to close
I notice Oliver face change "it's due today in like ten minutes" I stated
he smiled "I know and I promise I will do it at home like it was intended
but I really need your help, I wont copy your work just talk me through it"
I tussled his hair "fine okay lets go, Oliver I guess I'll see you tonight"
we walked away , I had the sudden urge to look back and I did , Oliver
still was standing there with that look on his face , I couldn't tell that
look , because I never seen it before was he angry ,sad , didn't care , his
eyes were dim not bright how they were a few minutes ago. Maybe Ollie was
regretting what he did.


"So The Tea Party was the resistance movement throughout British America
against the Tea Act that England wanted to pass, but the Boston tea party
was directly in Boston where the colonist went against the British
Government and dumped all the tea in the harbor , I understand that but
why?" mark asked as he was writing "because of many issues mark , first the
British Parliament in 1773 Passed the law in which this could go in
effect. That's when things went crazy, Colonists objected to the Tea Act ,
especially because they believed that there rights were being violated. And
imagine if you were being taxed by another country wouldn't you want to be
taxed only by your own elected representatives" he smiled at me "your all
Handsome and brains" he leaned in and kissed me , his tongue slid in my
mouth we were actually making out in the lounge area for anyone to see
. Then we heard the clearing of a voice we broke apart "wow what do we have
here" it was Josh "so I guess you have moved on from you know who and you
are with Mark Delauro" Josh looked amused "dude you cant" josh stopped him
"Mark , Steven is my best friend I wont if he doesn't want me too , so how
long have you crazy kids been seeing each other" he asked "we aren't I mean
, we haven't , Josh go away" I replied "I have to use the bathroom" mark
got up and left out Josh sat down "really, another Jock Steven, this isn't
good ,Jocks have an image to maintain , he will never be there for you
fully" Josh stated " I know, I'm not looking for anything like that , we
are having fun it's okay" josh seemed to be relieved "okay, just be
careful, so on another matter I called the number and it was Lauren, can
you believe that Lauren Johnson is so hot" "that's great, I on the other
hand know that Mark gave me the watch but didn't give me the other gift ,
what if it was someone that I am not thinking about , maybe another guy
that is interested" . the bell rung and i had to get to class . I put my
mind at eased and focused on my classes soon it was lunch time


I walked into the Cafeteria and saw Mark sitting at my table I went over
"what are you doing here, your lunch hour is next period" I asked as I sat
down next to him "I know , Will Josh be a problem for me, I mean " I shook
my head no "Don't worry about it , no one will know your deep dark secret"
I stated "its not that ,I don't know I'm just a coward I guess" "no your
not , you don't want to be in the position I was last year , I wouldn't
want anyone to go through what I been through, your not a coward your
great" he smiled at me "so your eating with us now" I heard Oliver's voice
he and Amanda sat down at the table "Um, I was just going, Oliver you have
a problem with me or something" Mark asked "no Problem, I was just asking a
question" mark stood up " I have to get back to class , Steven Thanks" he
left out "you and Mark are really Tight these days" he added "yeah I guess
we are" Oliver looked at me for a minute then focused on Amanda they
started talking virtually leaving out of there conversation I stood up "
enjoy lunch" I said and walked away and out of the lunchroom.

soon school was over I made up my mind I wasn't going to Oliver's party
then I decided I would again , I got home and decided I was going to dress
up, look hot , I took out a red and white button up shirt , my stone wash
jeans and my Abercrombie undies , you never know ha ha , I took a shower ,
then styled my hair , I never styled my hair it seemed like a waste most
days but tonight I wanted to look good , I did my homework watched a little
T.V then I took a shower after that I got dressed ,and I sprayed some Tommy
Hilfiger true star men on I put on my sneakers , by the time I finished it
was six thirty , I looked in the mirror made sure I looked good , I smiled
at myself , I never looked this good , I thought , I went downstairs "oh ,
wow Steven , you look great what happened , I mean you always look nice but
you put extra effort" mom said I smiled "going to a party just thought I
would look nice" she smiled then kissed me on the cheek dad walked by "bye
dad" I said he kept walking , he still hadn't talk to me , since I came out
. I hated this but it was his decision to not talk" I left out to my car
and drove to Oliver's house


No one would talk to me in school , I was alone , people pushed me
tormented me , I had no one, josh turned his back on me , so did my other
friends, Josh came into school and walked down the hall actually coming
towards me I thought he would stop this madness and talk to me but he
bumped me and kept walking , I sat down on the floor near my locker
completely hurt and humiliated no one wanted to be around me i was alone
and a little afraid , i wanted to rewind everything that happened and go
back to a better time but that was impossible i couldn't go back. "hey,
are you alright?" I looked up into the purest brown eyes I'd ever seen they
showed no hatred or Malice like the other kids held his name was Oliver
Greyson , he played for our football team at Lincoln High, well he starting
play recently , he wasn't important on the team but he would be he was hot,
tall brown hair that looked soft to touch just perfect "I'm good thank you
" he smiled and sat down beside me " I'm Oliver by the way" he stated
extending his hand "Steven" we shook hands , I felt electricity shoot threw
my arm it scared me , he looked at me wide eyed I think he felt it too, he
leaned in and our lips met , what was happening I never been kissed before
and stuff like this doesn't happen maybe this was a sick dream no it wasn't
a dream this was real , he pulled back and looked around , no one was in
the halls "I'm sorry" I stated he smiled "for what I kissed you don't be
sorry for that, hey don't worry about these Douche bags around here, People
like us have to stick together"


That was the start of a doomed relationship, I thought , I parked my car
and walked up the drive way people looked at me , a few girls were smiling
at me . I went inside the music was blasting, people were dancing kissing
drinking talking , you know the regular teen parties , I saw Oliver and
Amanda dancing , I was fine , I think my heart was really healing , then
his eye caught mine , he did a double take , he just stared I laughed then
josh wrapped his arm around my shoulder "dude what happen , you look good
did you magically get a make over" "haha very funny , need a drink" I said
he laughed and went back over to Lauren . I went into the kitchen , Mark
was In there with a few friends they were playing suck and blow, with a
credit card , you put it to your mouth and suck on it the next person comes
and place there mouth on the other side of the card and sucks it you blow
it to them as they sucking, its just passing the card around using your
mouth but if it drops your lip touches the other person, it is usually a
drinking game as well , Mark had it and passed it to Megan , but the card
dropped , and they kissed , actually started making out , it bothered me,
but he wasn't mine so I shrugged my shoulders and got a beer "hey Steven
come play" Megan said Mark turned around and saw me looking he looked
serious as if he been caught but I smiled and so did he "okay" I took the
card "come on Mark lets play" I stated I sucked on the card he put his
mouth on the other end I dropped it on purpose and was kissing him, I
backed away the kids playing were rooting us on , they didn't care we
kissed again. "what's going on" we separated , Oliver looked at me then
Mark just looking back and forth he looked kind of angry "oh Oliver relax
have fun, tonight is tonight what ever happens here stays here" a few of
the guys agreed , then everyone started kissing each other it was only like
six of us , I saw a guy kissing another guy, they were drunk as hell and
they kissed Megan and her friend , Oliver kept looking at him with a
bothered look on his face , as if he was judging me I didn't like
that. "come on Mark lets take a walk" I said he smiled at me and we went to
the back yard "that was interesting" I stated "yeah it was , Steve you look
great" he stated and his lips met mine again I felt his long fingers wrap
around the back of my neck this kiss was intense. My heart was pounding I
was getting light headed he backed away "are you drunk" I asked "no , I
don't drink silly , I like you" he stated " I'm sorry this looks all to
familiar" I stated "what do you mean" he asked "I fell for another straight
boy , well I thought he was gay but he left me for a girl , and I see the
same patterns , I cant keep doing this" I said " trust me , I don't want
another girl Steven" he said "are you serious all you do is date girls" I
stated "that's because I was scared of what other people would say or do ,
Steven I'm gay" he said I couldn't believe this , not hot jock Mark who
have the girls swooning over him.

"Mark you out here , were about to make cookies" we heard one of his
friends "okay I'll be right in" they went in the house "Cookies , wow how
exciting" I stated he laughed "come on" he said "no I want to be out here
for a little while you go" he smiled and kissed me then went in the house I
sat down on the swings . And looked up at the stars , it was peaceful out

"So I think I have to say it" I looked over and saw Oliver he stopped right
in front of me "say what?" I asked "I love you Steven , you have my heart"
he leaned over and kissed me I couldn't believe Oliver said that to me ,
and the best part is , I loved him too " I love you too Oliver" I stood up
he hugged me tightly "this feels good" "Steven!" I snapped out of it, I was
freaking dreaming really brain!, Oliver was standing in front of me he sat
down on the swing next to me "brings back memories don't it" he looked at
me "yeah, good ones" I stated. It went quiet "so are you seeing anyone" he
asked I shook my head no "I have a interest in someone , don't know how it
will go but I feel positive about it" it went quiet again "Steve , you've
been there for me when no one wasn't and I hurt you because I was curious
about what it would be like to be with a girl" I didn't know what to say
"Oliver it was in the past I'm not going to dwell on it , you hurt me so
bad , I really thought me and you were solid , in fact that night I came
over to surprise you with Black Eyed Peas tickets I bought them for us , I
knew how much you loved them , that's when I saw you with her" he put his
head down and looked back up at me he had tears in his eyes " I'm so sorry"
he began to cry I stood up and bent down in front of him and held out my
arms we hugged I got a little misty eyes myself "its okay , I don't ever
want to hate you for finding yourself its just the way you did it Oliver ,
it sucked" he held me tight I missed this , him for a second it felt like I
had my boyfriend back , I pulled back " our faces seemed to be drawing
together like a magnet and metal , then our lips met it was different then
mark kiss but both were equally mind blowing his tongue attacked the inside
of my mouth then I stopped it " I cant , I'm sorry , your with Amanda and
I'm moving on" I stood up "yeah, your moving on" was all he could say "lets
go back in " he stood up " do you think we can be friends at least" he
asked I smiled " I would love that" he smiled back, it was a painful smile
. We walked back in as friends.


So it seems like One paring is getting started and another is dead but from
the death of a relationship could turn into a real friendship, Steven is
Just trying to find himself like you and I , maybe the talk Steven and
Oliver shared was what they both needed to move on, or maybe the talk is
what will bring them back together, you never know . Hope you readers
enjoyed this latest Installment of Before and After and I will catch you
later be sure to E-mail me at


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