The Adventures Of Adam Episode 11

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The Adventures Of Adam Episode 11

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Hey thanks for waiting patiently for Adam , so here it is Ch 11
The Adventures Of Adam CH 11
“My life sucks" written by Tony

“why the long face” Vicki Sat down next to me she looked at me then at the direction I was looking in , Matt and Sam sitting together very close to one another

“oh, I’m sure Sam still thinks about you” she tried to be supportive but it wasn’t working

“ not helping but thanks” she smiled Travis sat down with his lunch tray looking equally as depressed

“are you ok?” I asked

“no , I haven’t heard from Tyler in like a week, he promised to call me but he never did”

“I’m sure he is focusing on work that’s all” Travis nodded his head in agreement

“yeah, Tyler is a good guy I know that but it bothers me that he is in Italy and I am here in New York , talk about distance between us”

“Tyler is doing his job he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his relationship with a cutie like you” Vicki said

“thanks , Adam is right you aren’t creepy”

“well I guess that’s a compliment” the three of us laughed we notice Vicki looking at Greg a guy on the basketball team

“you like him?” I asked her cheeks turned a crimson red

“go talk to him” Travis added

“how can I , he doesn’t even look at me”

“well problem solved” I smiled

“what?” she questioned

“greg!” I shouted he looked over his brown eyes met mine he walked over

“Adam right?” I nodded yes

“well my friend right here wanted to know if you were single” he looked at Vicki then me

“why can’t your friend ask me herself?” he playfully said while looking at her

“well because she is shy”

“okay , alright Adam”Vicki practically yelled Tyler and I Snickered so did Greg

“so is there any possibility that you want to go out maybe this Friday” she asked looking like a lost puppy not sure what the answer will be

“I would love too , I actually seen you around school a couple of times but we just never ran in the same circles , how about you give me your info and I can pick you up Friday night”Vicki seem to perk up at that she and Greg exchanged information and afterwards he kissed her on the cheek then walked back over to his friends

“ I could kill you Adam!” I laughed

“hey , if I wouldn’t have done that then you would have still been sitting here Dateless”

“at least you will have someone on Friday night, Adam and I wont” Travis pouted

“well we have each other Crazy and you still have Tyler , correction I have no one” I stood up and threw my trey out I turned around and bumped into Matt

“hey watch it” he practically yelled

“you watch it ,you act like I saw you”

“whatever , oh and can you stop starring at my boyfriend its kind of creepy”

“I don’t know what your talking about”

“yes you do , you’re making Sam uncomfortable face it you lost him move the hell on”

“go to hell”

“Adam you are already there” he spewed we were starring at each other

“hey guys is everything ok” we both turned to look at Sam. I rolled my eyes and walked away not saying anything

“Adam what’s wrong” I heard Sam but kept on walking


after school I waited for Bruno to pick me up I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked up and Sam was standing there

“can we talk?”

“about what” I asked annoyed

“about what happened at lunch”

“nothing happened , your boy toy thought I shouldn’t stare at you , it makes you uncomfortable

“he is not my boy toy Adam he is my um”

“your what?”

“do I really have to say it?” he looked sad but I didn’t care

“oh he is your boyfriend, Can I ask you why was it so hard to say that”

“I don’t know I was just trying to spare your feelings”

“im not a baby, you made it clear you didn’t want me”

“that’s not what I said Adam”:

“right , you said you wanted to see where things would lead with you and Matt,
Airgo you didn’t want me”

“what Krys did was awful he broke us up and even if I was drugged I still slept with someone else , that little tidbit would always find its way into conversation , being apart is what we need right now”

“what about in the future”

“I don’t know? the future is the future Adam”

“well” I moved closer and kissed him he froze then relaxed and kissed me back . If he wanted to end this I was going to do it with a bang

I felt his tongue snake into my mouth I sucked on it then pulled away startling him

“well I guess you’ve moved on so goodbye” I turned and smiled Bruno had great timing the car came I turned around Sam was starring at me . I had to have a take charge attitude. No longer would I let anyone screw me around. Maybe I should be the one that play games as bruno drove away I looked out the window Sam was still looking at me

“Mr Adam, you and Sam are back on” he said in his accent

“no, but that was one hell of a parting gift” Bruno laughed so did I

As the car drove away I thought about what just happened Adam was so sexy I don’t know why I am being so stubborn he didn’t do anything wrong it was that bastard Krys his kisses are so damn sensual and seductive a smile formed on my face that’s when I felt someone grab me I was pinned on the gate. It was matt he looked angry

“What the fuck was that?” he spat out

“Adam and I was just talking what is it to you”

“everyone in Manhattan saw the two of you kissing so it wasn’t just talking”

“I’m sorry , but he kissed me” he loosened his grip on me

“I love you Sam, I cant, no I wont lose you to Adam”

“hey who said anything about losing me , I picked you” I reminded him

“but I see sometimes when you stare out into space , I know your thinking about him , and after we had sex you fell asleep and you said his name”


“I didn’t say anything but I was so angry” I felt bad I didn’t even know I was doing any of that

“Matt I Care about you , and I’m with you , Adam is just a distant memory you’re my present” he smiled at that

“thank you for saying that” he hugged me , who was I kidding , I was in love with him and with Adam how can you feel this way about two people

“well isn’t it my fag ex boyfriend” we separated Marissa and her minions were standing there over accessorized and handbags in tow I rolled my eyes . Marissa was a hot girl , I mean I am straight but she is the girl that can use her looks to get what ever she wanted , she had straight long brown hair piercing green eyes, she could easily be on a magazine cover

“go to hell” I said she got in my face

“so this is the competition?” she circled me like she was some kind of shark, Matt got in front of me standing between her and me

“there is not competition , I’m gay deal with it and why are you complaining? word on the street is , you fucked half of Staten Island” she laughed her annoying laugh prompting her friends to do the same she stopped so did they .

“for your information , it was just Dominick , Sal and Carlos oh year Greg your best friend” his face turned red

“you stupid Bitch” he lunged at her I grabbed him she laughed

“get your man!, faggot , because if he touches me his ass will be in jail” she said looking me square in the eye I wrapped my arms around Matt pulling him in his back pressed against my front as he tried to get to her

“oh Matt you know you love when I torture you , I know it isn’t the end because you always come back to me , and as for you bitch let that be a warning to you he will leave you and come back to me fyi he is Most likely Bisexual not Gay , hr use to love doing me , and his dick wasn’t complaining when it was sliding in and out of me or when he went down on me” he started laughing catching all of us off guard I let go of him

“ I was thinking about your sexy ass brother you know caleb the sexy as fireman” matt smirked in her face she looked livid and tried to smack matt but he grabbed her hand

“ I don’t think so , you hit me and I will press charges on you” I smiled at that , she gave me a cold look

“why play these games when you’ll be in my bed soon”

“in your pathetic dreams , He loves me” I stood up for him, she laughed at that

“right , like he loved Donna and Lily , but he came back to me your just the same” I was taken back by that he turned his head to look at me he looked down to the ground then back at her

“wrong Marissa , I like men, and well Sam does things you could never do” he grinned she looked angry I turned red she stormed down the block so did her friends he turned to me

“so am I just a phase like Donna and lily”

“babe, I was going through a lot of things , I thought because I was getting bored of her that maybe I needed another girl”

“Or two” I corrected him he rolled his eyes

“it wasn’t the change of girls but the change of Sex” he wrapped his arms around me

“Thank god for Krys” he stated kissing my neck

‘yeah thank god for Krys” I stated unsure of any of this

“You need to get up” Travis stated as he slumped down next to me on my bed I turned over resting my head on his chest

“you know , I think I’ll date a older guy maybe forty”

“um that’s kind of icky don’t you think Adam”

“it cant be worst then boys our own age”

“but you wouldn’t have anything in common”

“true , but look at my track record with guys , I dated a guy who was stuck on another guy , I moved to New York and I met Aiden and he was totally oblivious to me liking him , then Krys comes into the picture the same time as Sam , Krys flirted I denied him any access to my goods so he thought by sabotage my relationship with Sam that I would come running to him. Now Krys is gone Sam has moved on . Aiden is busy and I am stuck in bed with you”

“hey!” Travis sounded offended but I knew he wasn’t he took a pillow and hit me in my face with it I laughed so did he

“at least you and Tyler are still going strong and he will be back next week so that’s good”

“I can’t wait I missed him , and when he comes back we can finally start our relationship” Travis cheeks burned bright red I smiled

“im happy your happy” Travis kissed me on my forehead

“everything will work out for you Adam , wait and see” I sighed , I didn’t see my love life looking up any time soon how could it, all I had was Travis.

“lets go out !” I jumped up

“what? “

“come on , when I was at the Agency , i heard a few of the models talking about this club that they were going to , it has to do with the launch of a new Fragrance or something there is an open bar and food”

“but we aren’t models or over the age to go”

“Travis!, Aiden is going to be there I do know that, I will call him” I picked up the phone and dialed Aiden’s number

“hey!” he picked up

“Aiden its Adam”

“I know silly” he stated with a slight laugh his voice melted my insides

“Travis and I wanted to know if maybe we can go to the party with you tonight , I know its last minute but…” he cut me off

“of course, hey I’ll be at your place in a hour be ready”

“will do” I hung up

“lets get ready dude” I ran to my closet

In Aidens Town car

**“thanks Ad for letting us come” I said

“no problem you both look really good”

“Thank you” Travis stated he smiled then looked out the window I could tell he was missing Tyler

“thanks , I just needed to get my mind off of everything”

“like what?” Aiden said looking curiously at me

“What Krys did , losing Sam , being alone”

“you’re not alone you have Travis, Tyler and you have me” he smiled at me I smiled back his blue eyes seem to sparkle

“thanks that means a lot , it really does”

“no problem” he was starring at me strangely I couldn’t place it

“are you okay?” I asked he smiled

“I’m fine, I’m great”

I looked at Travis who was looking wide eyed at me then Aiden I shrugged my shoulder

“we are here” Travis stated I looked out the window

We got in the club Aiden Stuck by me

“you can go find some hot guy to Dance with” I smiled he smiled back and leaned in

:I know but I want to be with you , um I mean” I smiled at him grabbing his hand i pulled him in close and we started dancing Travis started wiggling his eyes playfully I rolled my eyes at him he laughed

“why are you still single” I asked focusing on Aiden his baby blues starring hard at me

“I guess I am still looking for that special guy” I felt his hand slip on my back

“really, I thought you found that with what’s his face”

“well we didn’t work out for a reason”

“and what would that reason be?”

“I was stupid to not see a gorgeous amazing guy right in front of me” I smiled

“yeah what’s his name”

“come off it Adam” he leaned in and kissed me tenderly I kissed him back , our lips greedily attacked , Our tongues touched I thought I was in heaven I felt little flutters in my chest I felt fireworks. Aiden backed up

“did you just feel that” I nodded

“fireworks!” we both stated together

“Adam , I’m in love with you”

Next Tuesday: Tyler returns and something is off, Meanwhile where will Adam and Aiden take these feeling they are having for each other??

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