The Adventures of Adam Episode 9 (sorry guys)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 9 (sorry guys)

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'The Adventures of Adam'
"Smackdown" Written by: Tony


I got off the elevator and walked down the hall stopping in front of his
door , why was I so nervous, this had to be done. I knocked on the door and
waited until I heard footsteps

"mom I got it" he opened the door and looked at me

"go away Adam" he was about to close the door but I stopped him

"please Travis , you're my best friend and I care about you so much , I
never meant to make you hurt for anything I want to make it up to you"

"how?" he simply asked

"I need you come to my place Tomorrow around six , can you please do that
pretty please with a cherry on top" I made my best puppy dog face . He
rolled his eyes

"it had better be good Rainer"

"oh trust me , you will love it and I know it doesn't take away from what I
did but I hope we can get passed this because I really need my best friend
back" he grinned a little then put his annoyed face on, I knew it wouldn't
be long until he came around


Krys had drunk more Vodka as he collapsed onto the wooden floor of his
apartment , he had messed up royally and he never felt more alone in his
life , his blond hair was a mess he had bags under his eyes and he looked
less like a model and more like a charity case he heard keys rattling in
the door and Chamber walked in , one site at his former lover made chamber
cringe , he walked over to Krys

"you drunk almost the whole bottle" Chamber said lifting Krys up, Krys
nuzzled his face in the crook of Chambers neck .Chamber sighed as he longed
for this kind of affection when he and Krys were together but cuddling was
something Krys didn't do. But now he held onto chamber for dear life
. Chamber wrapped his arm around Krys hugging him tightly

" I just came to get the rest of my things , I'm staying with Kelsey for a

"please come back home baby, I'm so sorry, I love you" Chamber pulled Krys
away and saw Krys was crying . This caused Chamber to tear up

" you always put me down Krys made me feel I was just not good enough , do
you know how that feels"

"yeah , I do , my mom" he said Chamber looked at Krys as if he was a
different person, Krys never was affectionate with him or talked about his
life before coming to new york city , he was opening up

"your mom? Krys what happened to you" he began to sob

"no one has ever cared about me , or loved me" he began to shake violently
and Chamber stood up not able to contain himself he went over to his boxes
and picked them up he couldn't do this , if he stayed he would get back
with Krys and he didn't want that Krys was probably acting Chamber said in
his head he opened the front door

"please don't leave me , Chamber please!" he hears Krys crying but doesn't
turn he walks out closing the door behind him he hears the cries of his
former lover inside and then causes Chamber to cry and feel Krys pain.

******* ****** The next day

Today was the day I was going to make things right with Travis , and Tyler
was all for it , we made sure the loft was clean and Tyler went out to get
the things we needed for his big night As I went downstairs to check the
mail, I saw Krys standing there , his hair was disheveled and he looked so
out of place , he didn't look like his charming sexy self he looked like he
had gone off the deep end he came towards me

"please forgive me" he said " I miss you , our unusual friendship" he
smiled I almost did but I wouldn't give him that satisfaction

"go to hell Krys. You screwed me around for the last time" I turned
away. He had glassy eyes and what turned from innocent began to grow into

"oh please like you were innocent , flirting with me"

"As fucking if Krys! , you wish. I told you that I was not interested in
you but you didn't take what I said at face value. So you had to have Sam ,
the next best thing to me"

"oh how Sam big dick felt" Krys got closer to me I could smell the alcohol
on his breath I was getting angrier inside he smirked at me knowing he was
provoking me

"I feel so sorry for you Krys , you will never know what it is like to have
friends , a great life , a wonderful boyfriend, because you are a mean son
of a bitch and I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire!" people in the
lobby of my apartment building were watching as we got louder and more

"fine , I'll just ask Sam to Spit on me" he laughed Walking away I followed

"fuck you"

"no Adam I fucked your boyfriend!" he yelled and continued laughing as he
walked outside I was livid , I ran after him tackling him on the cold
Concrete Sidewalk he pushed me off of him , people were stopping looking at
us , even people in the cars and taxi's riding past Krys drunken ass had me
in a headlock he was laughing while pulling my hair

"come on Adam boy! haha"

I pushed him off and then started chocking him

"Fuck you , you Bastard" I yelled

"do it , Adam kill me" he said I stopped and looked at him he started
sobbing "just fucking kill me" I felt sad inside I wanted to hate him , but
he wanted to die , what the hell?

"no Krys!" he slid down his back resting on the outside of my building and
buried his face in his hand I bent down beside him and lifted his chin with
my index finger he looked me in the eyes

"Krys" I said softly "you did this , you messed this all up not me , I was
your friend , and I wont forget the fun times we had , going to the movies,
hanging out, you flirting but you crossed the line and I don't think I can
ever forgive you for it , it doesn't matter how long Sam and I were going
out for , he was my boyfriend and you knew that, and trust me you are not
the only person to blame in any of this , Sam is in all of this up to his
neck . At this point I cant hate you , but I want to forget you" that seem
to burn him he looked away in pain I kissed the temple on the side of his
head and stood up

"goodbye Krys" I walked back in my building feeling somewhat vindicated as
if , I just did the right thing, it was time to close these wounds no
matter how fresh they were . Because I had to move on


"I cant believe he showed up here" Tyler said when I started explaining
what happened

"yeah neither can I , we actually fought ,and when I chocked him he asked
to die" I said sadly slumping down on the couch in the living room

"wow , something must be wrong with him"

"something is wrong with him, he needs help but I just don't have the
energy to fight anymore , I just want to focus on the good stuff like
Travis actually talking to me again , and his Surprise date with his crush"
Tyler blushed

"Travis is so cute. But I'm not sure about this blind date stuff , I get

"what for ,you are a fucking hot sexy 32 waist model with the most gorgeous
green eyes and adorable curly blond hair, and Travis is a hot sexy guy who
no doubt inherited some sexy Latin Genes and is totally in love with you"

"I know , I just don't want to screw this up. I get nervous like I said and
become such a klutz" I laughed

"just relax you and Travis have been around each other for a little while
now, you know his personality he is pretty much the same except now its
beyond friendship you are courting him" I looked through the mail and saw a
envelop with Tyler's name on it

"you got mail" he laughed at me sounding like the Aol voice I handed it to
him he opened it

"oh my fucking Gaga!!"


"I got a fashion show in Milan, to model for Andrew Gracia, I never been to

"that is truly amazing" I hugged him

"this is amazing I am the face of men flo , now Andrew Garcia , fuck
someone pinch me" I did

"ouch !!, not literally" I stuck my tongue out at him

"okay, now I feel so confident and lucky what have you set up for our date"

"just wait and see"

*** Tyler

So what should I do" I asked Adam as he smiled

"relax" Adam said he set up a round table on the balcony, of course we
closed the panels so the cold air couldn't touch us Adam had Champaign, lit
candles and bright romantic light all around. I took the rose petals and
tossed them on the floor from the front door all the way to our table ,
Adam put on some soft music

"thank you Adam , I want Travis to find all this Special"

"no problem" Adam said , there was a knock on the door Adam looked through
the peek hole

"it's only the food" he said , opening up he paid for the food and set
everything up. After we did that the place looked like a romantic oasis ,
then another knock Adam went to the door

"it's Travis" he said I hid as he opened the door

"why did you want me here at six, not that we are close friends or
anything" Travis said , he then looked around

"what is going on" he asked

:I wanted you to come over because"

"wait , are you into me, I mean I never thought of you as that." I got out
of my hiding spot and came behind Travis

"Travis I have a confession" Adam said , then I placed my hands over his
eyes he tensed up

"Adam what is going on" Adam had went over and grabbed his coat and smiled
then left out quietly

"Adam , who is this" I removed my hands he turned around

"Tyler!?" I smiled at him

" I wanted to go on a date with you , well Adam thought all this up and I
like you Travis, I know you blame Adam for what happened but we are only
friends, but I want more then a friend " Travis was speechless he looked

"All this for me?" he asked I nodded yes

"so how about I pour us some Champagne to the start of something new"

"I think that would be a great idea" I went onto the balcony and grabbed
the glasses and Champagne I handed him a glass and put mine down then
poured him some then me

"here is too Adam for setting this up and trying to make amends for what
happened between the two of you and here is to us , for trying something
new" Travis smiled as we clinked our glasses together and sipped

************** Adam

I woke up to Tyler singing in the shower I rolled y eyes as I went into the
other bathroom to do my morning cleaning , once I was done I got dressed
and ate breakfast

"tyler come on!" I yelled

"go ahead , I'll get to school"

"are you sure!" I yelled

"yeah, I have to pick out the right outfit" I chuckled

"okay pretty boy" I left , when I got to school , Travis was by my locker
smiling he looked up at me

"Adam! Thank you" he hugged me

"for what?"

"for setting me up with Tyler , he is so awesome"

"well your welcome buddy"

"I think I over reacted back then I should have saw that you were in need"

"no it was not excuse Travis I never want to lose you" Travis smiled

"you wont!, I have to go talk to mr Stern about a makeup on my science lab
catch you in homeroom"

"no doubt" I said we did our handshake and he jetted down the hall

"was that Travis?" I turned looking at Tyler I nodded yes we started

"so how was the date , when I got back you were dead sleep with a huge
smile on your face" I asked Tyler

"it was awesome , I'm so falling for him" I smiled

"so the dance is coming" Tyler looked at a flyer posted on the board in the

"yeah , and I wont be going"

"what ! Why?"

"well because I have no date for the thing , but I take satisfaction in
knowing Sam wont have one either"

"um Adam are you sure about that"

"what do you mean"

"well I don't want to be the barer of bad news but..." I turned in the
direction he was looking in , I saw Sam smiling and touching on some guys
arm , the guy had on basketball shorts and a Jersey exposing his cut arms
he was a total jock type, he had shaggy chestnut brown hair , Hazel eyes
and a killer smile and he was about six ft tall , I gulp as I saw them
interacting , what the hell is this I thought . They both smiling at each
other , then it happened the sexy jock kissed my Sam , WTF , I saw red
fucking Red , he was kissing my Sam!!.


It's getting real good now , guys first Adam wants nothing to do with Sam
now he angry and jealous that some guy is taken interest in Sam , what is a
boy to do. And the next chapter is entitled Tragedy. Lets say this is Krys
Exit Chapter . can't Believe I wrote this chapter in a hour. I just had the
writing bug I guess .

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