The Adventures of Adam Episode 10 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 10 (New)

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`The Adventures of Adam'
"Tragedy": Written by Tony


"Adam! Adam!"

"huh?, what?" I looked up at Tyler and Travis staring at me

"dude your killing your pudding" I looked down I was stabbing me pudding
cup as I looked at Sam and Matt , I found out he just came out and his
girlfriend Marissa is pissed he left her to be with guys , not just any guy
Sam. But why was I angry , he cheated on me

"I'm fine guys" I stood up to throw out my tray, I threw it in the nearest
bin and I turned to Sam and Matt walking near me Sam looked at me I smiled

" Hi" Sam said

"hey" I said it went quiet

"so you going to the Dance?" he asked I shook my head no

" I don't have anyone to go with , what about you" he looked guilty

"im going with Matt" I shook my head

"I hope you have a nice time" I turned to walk away he put his hand on my

"I'm sorry"

"come on Sam what's done is done. I accept your apology" he smiled so did I

"Sam come on!" we both looked at Matt who seemed annoyed

"I think your boyfriend is getting annoyed"

"he's not my,,," Matt came over grabbing his hand pulling him away I turned
back around to sit back down with Travis and Tyler they looked at me

"are you going to tell us , what that was about?" Travis asked

"I don't know what any of that was about , all I know is Sam will be going
to the dance with Matt"

"you aren't angry?" Tyler questioned looking at me as if I was about to

"I don't know"

After lunch I went to the library and put my head down then I felt a hand
touch my shoulder I looked up and it was vicki

"what do you want"

`I just wanted to say , I'm sorry about you know Sam and matt, and that I'm
not crazy I, just lonely , I'll leave you" she stood up and was about to
walk away I felt bad

"hey sit" she smiled then sat

"so you should move on anyway, Your so much hotter then Sam"

"thanks for trying to make me feel better but you and I both know Sam Is

"this is true" she stated we both laughed , maybe Vicki wasn't that bad


After school Tyler went to Travis house luckily no one was home and they
started a hot and heavy make out session, Travis grabbed Tyler by his waist
pinning him to the wall Their lips met then tongue , Tyler slid his hand
down to cup Travis butt as Travis grinded into him, both boys broke apart
to get air

"I'm going to miss this when I go to Milan" Travis looked at Tyler as if he
was crazy


"oh shit , I forgot to tell you , I am leaving for Milan to do some fashion
stuff over there. The money is great and I get to go to Italy" Travis got a
sad look as he walked into his room Tyler followed

"what's wrong?"

"we finally start exploring things with each other and now you want to go
off to Milan"

"don't be like that Travis , its work I really want to be successful at
this ,I just wish you would get that , its only four and a half weeks"

"that's a month Tyler!"

"I know , but Andrew Garcia is stationed in Italy and Spain , he wants to
use me in his fashion show coming up and also for some ads as well as a few
other designers , hey I'll be back before you know it" Tyler kissed Travis
again he then moved down to his neck sucking on it

"you better not fall for any of those sexy Italian boys" Tyler backed away
and smiled

"why would I do that when I have a beefcake like you here"

***** *Adam

The Dance was tonight and I was feeling really down, everyone was going to
it and I was the only loser to stay home of course I am a loser I thought
as I got out the town car to enter my building

Adam!" I turned and Saw Krys walking towards me

"Krys , leave me be please"

"I will , I just needed to talk to you one last time"


"its about the night of your party , the night I"

"I know what you did Krys"

" No , it's how I did it , how I got Sam upstairs how all of this took
place , I was falling for you Adam, I wanted to be with you I loved
spending time with you so I thought it maybe I got Sam out the picture I
would be the one who could turn to you and you would feel the same way"

"but why would you think I would run to you , when you were a participant
in the sex"

"I wasn't thinking , I was hell bent on having you with me"

"Krys , I don't want to do this just let me go"

"not until you know , the night of the party I was in the kitchen and Sam
came in he said he wasn't drinking so he could keep an eye on you , so he
poured some punch to make a long story short I put a E pill in his cup"


"then I took him upstairs and that's when I took his phone and called you ,
and well you know the rest" I couldn't believe my ears , he drugged Sam ,
Sam really didn't know what was going on

"you are a worthless human being and I hate you , because of you Sam and I
are over because of you Sam is with some new guy named matt you should go
ahead and kill yourself" I walked in my building confused and Angry .

When I went inside the loft no one was there , Mom and dad just got back
from Europe and both had to be at their offices , Tyler was at Travis
getting ready for the dance , I sat down in the living room turning on the
T.V , as I turned on MTV Skins on the DVR because I missed it , I sat there
,dumbfounded Krys drugged Sam

"Krys drugged Sam" I said out loud . I picked up the phone and dialed Sam's
number no answer "come on Sam please pick up" but nothing he didn't pick
up, I stood up and ran upstairs to my room , I had to go to that dance I
had to get Sam back

***** Krys looked at the rope he took out of his closet then tied it in a
big knot , just so his head could fit through , "that should do the trick"
he thought , he sat the rope down and walked into the kitchen pouring
himself a glass of water he drunk some not sure if he could actually go
through with killing himself , no he couldn't , he had to try to win back
the people he cared about at least one last time, he would start with
Chamber , he called chamber on the phone

"Krys you just will not give up will you" Krys smiled at the voice on the
other side of the phone he missed it and now he craved it

" I just want to get another chance"

"sorry , but I'm all out of chances" then he heard a click then the dail
tone Krys hung up He tried Adam , but no one answered . Krys stood up went
over to the rope, he picked it up and Gripped it in his hands

"Well that's that" he said to himself , what did he have no one wanted him
around , not his friends not his boyfriend and not his family


I put on A button up and some nice fitted jeans , with my new sneakers ,
Tyler had already left I got in the cab and told Bruno to take me to my
school he did as instructed , when I got there I saw so many kids going
into the school, I know High school dances are so awful but this one looked
promising. I walked into the school and to the Gym , I paid for a ticket
showed my student id and went inside . I spotted Tyler and Travis I walked

"you made it , I thought you weren't coming" Tyler said

"Krys drugged Sam and had sex with him, he confessed to me"

"what!?, oh my god , that kid has problems Adam , Sam has to press charges"

"he doesn't know that's why I came here , to tell him what happen and maybe
get him back" they both smiled

"well he is right there with matt so, go get your man dude" Travis said
cheerfully I smiled then walked over to him , Matt was the first to notice
me , and he scolded at me then Sam turned he smiled at me

"Adam hey"

"can I talk to you alone" I asked he shook his head yes, Sam rolled his
eyes we left out the Gym. And into the quiet hallway

"what's up"

"Sam! Krys drugged you the night of my party that's why you were upstairs
with him, he put a ecstasy pill in your punch when you weren't looking"

"what? , I'll kill him"

"that's not the point , the point is you didn't cheat on me, at least not
voluntarily , you were drugged, I am so relieved , now we can be together"
I smiled he didn't

"Adam I would love to get.. back together with you but"

"but what? Krys drugged you , and we can start dating again" I grabbed his
hand he pulled it away

"I cant because I'm Dating Matt"

"what? , no you cant be dating him , you and I" I place my hand on the side
of his face he began to tear up

"there was no more you and me Adam , you dumped me , I didn't know what
happened only thing I know is I was naked and Krys was too, so I accepted
it when you told me we weren't getting back together. Adam I had to move


"Adam, I want to see where this goes with matt" I began tearing up

"I'm sor.."

"no don't say your sorry I can face being rejected" I turned around and
walked down the hall

"Adam I'm not rejected go Adam come back" I ran the rest of the way until I
reached the exit , the chilly Manhattan air hit me as I left out the
school. I went to the town car

"Bruno take me home please" he nodded as the car started moving I thought
of one person, Krys , he did this , he made all this happen , if it wasn't
for him Sam would still be mine" I cried thinking my life was over

"bruno can you play something" he nodded and put on music

"Hands over my head thinking 'what else could go wrong?' Would've stayed
in bed, how can a day be so long? Never believed that things happen for a
reason But how this turned out, you moved all my doubts, oh believe That
for you I'll do it all over again Do it all over again All I went through,
led me to you So I'd do it all over again For you"

Great that was the last song I wanted to hear but I felt the lyrics in
Bruno Mars song as the music played "Again, how I wish I could turn back
time and be with Sam Again


As Chamber closed the door to the taxi and told him the address to a
friends place in SOHO , his phone rung , it was Krys , he started not to
answer but he had to, something just didn't feel right. He pressed talk on
his phone

"Chamber I'm sorry okay , I love you if I never said it enough , and I wont
be a problem for much longer"

"Krys what does that mean?" he begged

"it means I am ending it all tonight goodbye Chamber" Chamber blanked a
couple of times trying to figure out what Krys meant then it hit him

"he is going to kill himself" he looked through his phone numbers until he
saw Adams name , he didn't program it in there but Krys did when he
accidentally took his phone he dialed

"hello Adam its chamber"

"what do you want?"

"I know I don't know you that well but I believe Krys is going to kill
himself is there anyway you can go over to the apartment"

"Krys is being Dramatic, now leave me alone I have my own problems"

"please Adam! I think he is going to kill himself I am on my way there god
please!!!" I yelled

"yeah, okay I'll go to Krys apartment"

"thank you so much" Chamber hung up the phone

"can you please go to 259 bleecker Street please" the cabbie nodded yes as
he prayed Krys was just bluffing

****** Adam*

After I told Bruno to go to 259 bleecker I got to Krys apartment in no time
, of course Krys gave me his address but I never been to his apartment
before I found the building and went to the Eighth floor as I walked out
the elevator the next elevator door opened and Krys ran out

"Adam!, I hope he is alright"

"I'm sure the snake is just fine , this is probably one of his stunts"

"lets hope" Chamber opened the door using his key and we saw the tv was
still on I looked around I saw Krys shows on next to the couch . Then I
heard Chamber Scream Krys name I ran to the back Krys was on the bed blue
in the face with a rope around his neck , I looked at Krys in horror, then
I began to break down I dropped down on my knees and cry , why did he do
this . Why did Krys kill himself . Then those words hit me of what I said
to him

"Adam call 911!! come on snap out of it" Chamber screamed but my mind was
being clouded with my meeting with Krys Earlier

Flash back

*"you are a worthless human being and I hate you , because of you Sam and I
are over because of you Sam is with some new guy named matt you should go
ahead and kill yourself"*

and he did, fuck! this can not be happening.

To be Continued


Hey thanks for reading the first ten chapters I will try to get the next
one's out by the end of February or the beginning of march thanks for
reading everyone. And don't forget to e- mail me , let me know what you


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