The Adventures of Adam Episode 8 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 8 (New)

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'The Adventures of Adam'
"Getting complicated": Written by Tony

I woke up to something poking me in my ass I opened my eyes and felt a warm breath on my neck , I looked down to see a arm draped over me the finger nails were perfectly manicured and he had blond hairs on his arm , I turned and Tyler was in my bed , naked I was naked oh god we had sex ,

“hey you” I heard Tyler he opened his eyes and his warm green eyes set on me , with his smile

“We had sex didn’t we”

“yeah, look I know it was because Sam cheated but it was great” I looked back at that night events Sam and Krys , I was hurt angry and Tyler was there for me I laid back down and put my head on his chest hearing his heartbeat

“thank you Tyler for everything” Tyler kissed the top of my head .just then I thought of Travis , he liked Tyler what did I do.

“Travis is going to kill me” I sat up

“what? Why?” he asked

“he likes you , and we slept together”

“he likes me?” Tyler asked

“yeah , he has a major crush on you, wow im the friend of the century”

“Travis is cool but I didn’t know about any of that . We had a few drinks and I wanted to comfort you” I looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips we started making out he wrapped his arms around me we looked at each other Tyler leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips, Tyler got on top of me I spread my legs for him he leaned down and kissed me on the lips , I ran my fingers through his hair, I wasn’t in love with Tyler but this was a nice distraction. He kissed down my body until he got to my cock he stroked it ,

“Tyler fuck” he looked up at me the sun shinned in his green eyes making them illuminate at me

“as much as I want this , we cant . Tyler Groaned then came back to my level

“well we are going to be late can we at least shower together” I smiled and nodded yes he kissed me again


When we got to school Tyler had to run to the library and I went to my locker

“are you okay , did Tyler help you” Travis asked patting my back I turned around to face him

“yeah he did , look Travis you’re my best friend and I don’t like secrets , so I just have to tell you , something happened last night”

“what do you mean, beside that scum sam and Krys doing that to you”

“its about Tyler and me” Travis looked at me

“What do you mea…you had sex with him?” Travis accused he looked angry

“I’m sorry , I know you liked him but we were drinking I was sad ,angry , depressed”

“you knew how I felt about him Adam, how could you after what Krys and Sam did to you”

“wait a minute , Sam and I were in a relationship, Tyler had no idea you were into him”

“but you did!, some friend you are, oh but I forgot the whole world revolves around Adam” Travis walked off great this is just great , now I have no friends , Sam came around the corner looking awful he looked over and we locked eyes he came towards me I shook my head no, he stopped I walked in the opposite direction , I did not want to deal with any of this

When I got to homeroom I noticed Travis sitting on the opposite side of the room , I took my seat and Tyler sat next to me

“are you okay”

“no , I told Travis about us and he hates me” Tyler rubbed my back I looked over Travis gave me an ice cold glare .

“he hates me”

“no he doesn’t ,and I still don’t see why, he never made a move on me , so its not like I was his boyfriend, this is all so silly”

“ I knew and I did it anyway”

“come on Adam we were drinking you were hurting”

* * *
During my lunch break Since Travis wasnt talking to me and Tyler had to work on an assignment i was alone , i decided to go out for lunch. as i walked the streets i thought alot about everything that was going on , just a few days ago everything was perfect but..

“Adam!” I turned to a pair of blue eyes and a wide smile i ran to him

“oh my god Aiden” I hugged him , he hugged me back

“how are things”

“it’s a long story”

“well lucky for you I have a lot of time how about we grab some coffee”

We went to a nearby coffee place and I told him about Sam and what Krys did Aiden shook his head in disbelief

“I warned you about him Adam , I just wished you believed me”

“I just wanted to see the best in him, and I thought he showed me”

“you were fooled, but now you know Krys cant be trusted”

“your right about that , I just it all turned into this bog nightmare and then Tyler was there we drunk and then had sex , but the twist is , my bestfriend Travis likes Tyler and he is really mad at me , im such a screw up

“do you like Tyler” I shook my head no

‘not romantically but the morning sex was nice, I wanted Sam”

“so get Sam back”

“I cant , he cheated on me with Krys , yeah Krys is a lying snake but what is Sam’s excuse, what about you , whats going on in Los Angeles”

"Levon moved to LA for his new Publicist Career and well i figured maybe i should go too!, well.."

"bad idea?" he nodded yes

"just a little , he was this completely different person. i had to leave that relationship behind , so now I'm back in new york for good, plus i was getting more work here in the city then on the west coast"

"well , I'm glad to have my Aiden back" he smiled

After Aiden’s Talk with Adam, he wanted to pay Krys a little visit , he hopped in a cab and went to his old apartment he shared with Krys, when they use to be together, he knocked on on the door and Chamber opened up he looked at me annoyed

“what the hell do you want?”

“where is Krys” Aiden spewed back

“Krys!” Chamber yelled Krys came from the back to the door he looked horrible like he hadent slept for days , Aiden pushed the door and chocked Krys

“you Ruined Adams life what is wrong with you”

“get the fuck off of my boyfriend”Chamber said Aiden let go of him

“get out” Chamber grabbed Aidens arm but Aiden pulled away

“some boyfriend you have ,did you know he slept with Adam boyfriend at Adams party” Chamber looked at Krys

“I know we fight but you wouldn’t do that to me” krys looked away

“Krys tell me you wouldn’t do that to me” Krys didn’t say anything, Chamber looked as if he was going to cry. Aiden never liked Chamber but he felt sorry for him, just another person hurt in Krys never ending schemes

“What happen to you Krys before you turned not this , you were a sweet guy , one of the reasons I feel in love with you but now you’re a monster underneath a handsome guy” Aiden said then stormed out of the apartment slamming the door Krys stood up

“well isn’t he dramatic, babe I” Chamber pushed him

“fuck you Krys , were done I don’t need this shit “ Chamber ran into their bedroom Krys went after him

“your so hurt? , really how the hell did we get together , I cheated on Aiden so stop acting like a bitch already , so what I let Sam fuck me , who cares”

“I care!” Chamber said chocked up “I love you Krys , I loved you” Krys didn’t know what to say , he looked at the hurt in Chambers eyes , and it hadn't registered to him that maybe he loved Chamber too until now

“please don’t go ,I’ll do better I will be better please” Chamber sighed

“you and I both know that isn’t going to happen , you’ve taken me for granted for the last time, im so sick of feeling less then , before Adam came into the picture it was Aiden you compared me too , I am sick and tired of you . So fuck you” Chamber packed two suit cases and a duffel bag and headed out the door

“I’ll be back for the rest of my things” then he was gone, Krys Bit his bottom lip, not sue what would happen anymore. He couldn’t call Adam, or Aiden or Chamber. He had a few friends in the industry but they were good friends of Chamber. Krys had no one .


After school I just wanted to go home , Tyler and I got into the town car and headed home , it was quiet on the way there , when we got into the house Tyler grabbed my arm pulling me into him

“im sorry for everything” Tyler said I hugged him tightly taken in his scent I backed away and we looked into each others eyes Tyler smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me , his tongue went into my mouth, and I began to suck on it , Tyler was turning me on. But I knew that I had to stop it

“Tyler I cant , my heart is hurting right now and being with you just isn’t fear , because I’m not in love with you” he nodded in agreement

“I know , but we are single and you feel down I just want to be there for you” I kissed him on the cheek

“that’s sweet, but I think you would make a better match with someone else”

“you mean Travis” he asked

“yeah , he gave me the silent treatment all day , I love Travis he is my best friend , and It is killing me that we aren't talking because I slept with you”

“still , I didn’t know he liked me , its not like we are together”

“I know , but I think I would be the same way . How about you go out with him ,you might find a spark”

“you sure, I mean you have first dibs at me” Tyler smiled , to know this sexy Adonis blond curly hair green eyed boy gave me first pick was satisfying on its own

“I need to sort things out , and I really feel you and Travis will like each other, Travis is a sweet guy, and if you give him a chance you will see he just wants to find love” Tyler smiled

“I guess we all want that don’t we” I nodded he continued “I’ll give it a shot travis is sexy , I love his lips they are so cute and when he nervous they kind of quiver” I laughed

“You notice that too” he nodded

“that’s great , I will set something up”

“that would be really great , but Adam I’m worried about you , you’ll be alone and..” I stopped him

“Tyler , it would be an honor to help my two best friends find each other”

“you consider me a best friend”

“yeah, how could I not , you were there for me when no one else wasn’t” Tyler hugged me tightly , the doorbell rung

“how about I start dinner” Tyler said I nodded

“I didn’t know you could cook”

“well I have you know I am a big cook” he went into the kitchen I went to the door and opened it Sam was standing there

“can we talk” he said sadly I shook my head no

“please , I don’t remember , I don’t know what happened” I walked into the hallway closing the door behind me

“are you really going to use that excuse , the I drunk too much”

“that’s just it I didn’t Drink anything but punch” I looked at him

“you have to believe me”

“I saw Krys on top of you , you were fucking him Sam. Its over” he nodded

“so that’s it”

“that’s it Sam. Have a nice life”

I turned he grabbed me and turned me back around then kissed me , I wrapped my arm around his neck then pushed him away

“please just go” I ran back inside closing the door I pressed my back to the door and I closed my eyes, I just wanted this pain to be over


Thank you for reading I am in the process of writing 9 right now , and it is entitled Smackdown! Take that as you will lol. Please don’t hesitate to email me at

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