That's Life Ch 27

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That's Life Ch 27

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*That's Life
"Back to the Family"
Written by tony


Meeting Mick for lunch was the easy part , the hard part was sitting
through it ,Since it was practically summer weather he suggested I meet him
at this bistro , where one can sit outside and eat , I got to the
Restaurant and he was there. I walked over to him he looked up smiling at
me with his radiant smile

"hey you made it sit" I did so

"so tell me Alex , what happened to you after I left , I want to know
everything, were you ever placed" he asked I shook my head

"it's Adam, Remember ,no I wasn't , after you left I think I changed , I
got detached from people because it seemed everything I get attached too
leave in one way or another"

. He looked at me with eyes of pity I hated when people looked at me like
that . that's how my mother and father and sometimes Brandon look at me

"I'm sorry"

"don't , anyway I stayed there for a little while met a girl name kelly ,
we were having lots of sex until she got pregnant"

"wow, so you have a baby" I shook my head no

"her mother made her get an abortion, that was for the best, then she left
everyone leaves , after that I left , slept in parks, subways , until this
couple offered me a place to stay , they bought me everything I wanted and
needed "

"that's great"

"not really they wanted sex in return, so imagine me a sixteen year old
who didn't have anything and this well off young good looking couple would
supply anything I wanted in exchange they both wanted me" Mick had his hand
on his mouth he look sad

"God Adam I'm so sorry you had to go through that" I half smiled at least
he still cared a little I thought . But I knew I was reading things that
was not there

"It's okay , I saved some money up and I left I met another guy I really
like him but he was getting married so that was like trying to go through a
brick wall I eventually just flew to Mexico and there I found my Identical
twin brother"

"you have a twin?" he asked

"yeah his name is Brandon , he was with his boyfriend Josh on vacation
there and they spotted me , Brandon and my family thought I've been dead
for years, that's about it , so you and Melinda are getting married you
must really love her how did you propose" i asked Feeling so much jealousy

"it was during winter break , we were in central park , and I popped the
question" he had a smile on his face

"that's amazing I wish you nothing but happiness" the waiter came over and
we ordered our lunch

"so are you seeing anyone" he asked

"no, single , not by choice no one compares to" I stopped myself

"to what?" he asked

"to nothing , I just don't see me falling in love anymore" he looked at me

"no one compares to me?" he asked I looked away

" I didn't say that"

"you didn't have to, its written on your face" it was quiet "are you going
to say something" he asked

"like what ,say don't marry her , be with me , that's way to high school
and romance novel for me and it never works , you asked her to marry you
for a reason , and just because we ran into each other , well that isn't
going to change anything, I don't believe in fate" I stated

"it could mean something it could be fate Alex , I mean Adam how do you
feel about me"

" I fell in love with you Mick and you started seeing that girl and then
you two left ,and all you left was that note"

"the note you remember the note"

"remember , I still have it , I never opened it , because I was scared of
what it said"

I reach in my pocket and took out the letter it was in a envelope I handed
It to him he took it and opened it

"the paper is still perfect its like I wrote it yesterday okay here goes
:Dear Alex, if your reading this , I am gone, I left with Ally , it doesn't
have anything to do with you but I found a better job opportunity , I
really want to change my life around . But a part of me is leaving because
I am scared , scared of how I feel towards you , Fact is I love you Alex ,
and I don't know why or how but I do ,I need time to sort things out , but
maybe we can talk , here is my cell phone number if you want to talk and
maybe we can see each other soon , you deserve to be happy Alex , so be
happy , love Mick" he finished

"you wanted me to call you" he nodded yes

"I use to wait everyday for a call but you never did, so I thought you
moved on , so I did, but I still love you , it scares me Adam it does , to
feel what I feel for another human being , I don't even feel like that
toward Melinda"

"then why marry her?" he gave me a sad look then grabbed my hand

"because I do like her , and I thought I would build on that , I didn't
anticipate on running into you"

"Mick you left me"

"I know , but I couldn't exactly take you with me , mainly because I didn't
know what my next move was . Please understand"

"I do" our food came and we ate quietly , the quiet was causing an
awkwardness , then his cell started to ring he answered

"hi honey what's up, he answered it was Melinda he called her honey I went
back to my meal

"after about five minutes he hung up

"sorry about that , so where were we"

"no where, I really want to go, have a good life Mick" I stood up he did

"don't go, please do not go"

"why not , you have a fiancée , its no use"

"please , at least give me some time to make things right"

I dug into my pocket and pulled out my wallet

"no! Adam I'll pay for lunch , just give me a few days please at least
that" I nodded okay then left out of the Restaurant feeling helpless.



Brandon kissed me on the lips while he cupped my Face

"I'm so in love you it is not even funny"

"who's laughing" I said while I hugged him wrapping my arms around him
tightly placing my face in the crook of his neck smelling his scent

"This is perfect you and I , Josh promise you will never leave me, Promise
we will be together forever"

"how can I promise that , when I don't even know what the next minute will

"well I know what it could bring" he grabbed my ass making me jump we both
laugh jumping on my bed , Brandon maneuvered himself between my legs , he
stretched his body forward and kissed me again on the lips his tongue
slipped in

"Guys I'm ordering Chinese" Jason came in

"oh god I am blind sex" he yelled out covering his eyes we took
pillows and threw it at him then laughed

"we were not having sex we were kissing so there you go" he removed his
hands from his eyes

"so what do you want before I order out" he asked

"I thought you were freaked" Brandon asked moving from on top of me to the
side of me

"please , I know all too well about what you two do in this room, I have
ears and bro my room is next to yours so I can hear the headboard" I turned
red Jason and Brandon laughed

"its cool little bro your getting some at least one of us is. So what are
you getting"

"I'll have a small beef lo main" Brandon stated

"sweet and sour chicken with broccoli and brown rice" I stated

"and tonight's movie will be broke back mountain" I threw another pillow at

"okay alright , how about something with cars blowing up and car chases"
Jason asked

"now your talking" I said he chuckled then walked out.

After the Chinese delivery we began to eat , I eat some of Brandon's food
he ate some of mine and Jason eat a little of everyone's as we watched Fast
and Furious

"who's hotter , Vin Diesel or Paul Walker ?" I asked

"Vin has the better body but Paul has a sexy face but none more sexier then
my baby" we kissed each other

"I cant stand puppy love, well I think Michelle Rodriguez is smoking too
bad they killed her character off , I guess she wont be in the next one:"
Jason added


The next day Whitney wanted me to drive her to mall to pick some things up
for the baby, I happily did so We went into the baby store and she went
crazy on me , making me push the cart around throwing things in

"Josh your no help"

"Whit, you need to pick something I am starved"

She rolled her eyes "you would think you're the pregnant one , I just want
my son to have everything"

"Whitney , he has a whole room full of junk, how many onesies can one baby

"I also wanted to know if you and Brandon could be his god father"

"what? Are you serious" she shook her head yes

"I would love that , what do I have to do" she laughed

"Joshie , all you have to do is be there for him , when he needs someone to
talk to , you have to be there , special occasions birthdays holidays, and
if something should happen to me or my family , I would want you and
Brandon to raise him"

"that would be awesome, not the if something should happen to you or your
family but the being a god-father wait until Brandon find out he will be

"I should hope" we bought a few more clothes and left out the store we went
to the food court got some food and hung out , I saw Jeff he was talking to
Karen she had her back turned to me , she leaned in and kissed him he
stiffened up the gently pushed her away he began to walk away she followed

"hey I'll be right back just going to say hi to Karen" I stood up and
caught up to them , I grabbed Karen shoulders she turned but it wasn't
Karen, Jeff looked Shocked

"what the fuck is this" I yelled some people were looking at me

"josh I can explain" Jeff gulped

"I pulled out my cell"

"please don't tell Karen"

"why shouldn't I"

"This is Britney , she is an ex, I didn't kiss her she kissed me and I
pushed her away "

"please you enjoyed it Jeff " Jeff gave her an ice cold glare

"if my cousin ends up getting hurt.."

"she wont I don't want Britney , Karen is the only one I want and need"
Britney huffed

"I'll make you mine Jeff" she walked off

"I would never hurt Karen"

"funny , considering you've cheated on her before" I turned he grabbed my

"Josh I swear she kissed me , I was shocked I will tell karen" I nodded my

" I believe you, but Karen is so awesome and I want her to be happy " I
patted his back

"I will make her happy Josh , you know I love her and I care about you and
your family I wouldn't do anything to jeoperdize that"

I nodded in agreement I knew Jeff was a good guy I just misjudged things

"have lunch with Whitney and me" he nodded yes we walked back and Whitney
was still eating Jeff pulled up a seat , he went over and ordered a
sandwich he came back over and joined us

"whit it looks like your going to pop" Jeff looked at her big stomach

"I wish he come already , I need my body back" jeff and I laughed

"what are you t3wo laughing about , you will never know what this feel like
, guys have no clue."

"well thank god for that" Jeff and I bumped fist

"so you and Brandon are forever , have you thought of a family one day"
Jeff asked

"yeah , I think we would want to do surrogacy , have a kid with my sperm
and have one with his , you know maybe raise them together that would be



"Bran, have you heard from Adam" I nodded no as I sat down and ate my

"why is he acting like this we are his family" my dad said sitting down at
the table

"I think he feels like he missed out on being in the family which he has ,
but Adam can't handle that , he cant handle knowing life moved on without
him" the door bell rung I got up and walked out the kitchen to the front
door and answered the door . Adam was standing there

"can I come in"

"are you seriously asking me that , this is your house" I grabbed him
pulling him inside I hugged him he stood there stiff

"why cant you just accept that I missed you , that we missed you" I backed
away looking at my face

"Bran, I missed you too I don't want you to think that I haven't it's just
I don't know how to feel about any of this. I don't know this house like
you do , I mean I remember some stuff but you grew up without me here its
weird knowing my family moved on with out me"

"we mourned I mourned , you know why , because you weren't there anymore ,
I had a heard time accepting that you were supposedly dead"

"why is that"

"because we are one , I can feel when your scared I know when you need me ,
I felt it when you fell in the water, I felt you panicking . If anyone knew
you were dead it should have been me , but I didn't feel that , but after
time you never came so I had to accept it" I felt my eyes burning , Adam
walked closer to me and hugged me tight

"I'm sorry I should have looked harder"

"it's okay bro , its okay" we heard footsteps but didn't separate this was
years in the making

"you're here" we separated mom and dad were looking at us ,both teary eyed

"I wanted to know if maybe I could come back , I mean move back home"

"honey of course" she hugged Adam he started crying , dad ran over and
hugged him , he pulled me into the Lawson family hug. It seem after Adam
was gone we were a broken family but not it we felt whole again.



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can't wait

Post  dekky on Sat May 28, 2011 1:28 am

jeez im sorry to bother u man but im really torn up with the next chapter of that's life..... when will it be out pls work with it pls pls pls


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Re: That's Life Ch 27

Post  Admin on Sat May 28, 2011 4:10 pm

dekky wrote:jeez im sorry to bother u man but im really torn up with the next chapter of that's life..... when will it be out pls work with it pls pls pls

I actually stopped writing this story because i thought people weren't interested in it anymore. but I've been getting e-mails lately wanting me to continue the story , so i have to look on my USB to see if i even did a chapter 28, Thank you for writing me , i'll see what i can do Very Happy

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Re: That's Life Ch 27

Post  Dekky on Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:54 am

hahaha well that's great to hear though it just bothered me that i can't finish a story that has no ending... I felt stuck. I just want to know the ending I dont care if its happy or tragic I just want to know the ending hahahaha sory just got little paranoid Smile


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Re: That's Life Ch 27

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