The Adventures of Adam Episode 7 (New)

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The Adventures of Adam Episode 7 (New)

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Adventures of adam
The big Mistake

I saw Sam putting books in his locker his blond hair seemed so radiant today his strong muscular back flexed as he looked through his locker, I looked down at his perfect butt it was very squeezable I smiled to myself as I walked over

“hi you , I’m starting to think your avoiding me” Sam jumped then turned around and half smiled at me

“I’m sorry I just been really busy at home”

“anything I can help you with” he froze , then shook his head no

“ I got things under control” he was about to turn around but I grabbed his arm he looked at me again

“look Sam if you aren’t into me , I can take a hint and leave you alone for good I’m a big boy , you don’t have to string me along” I said kind of sad I turned to walk away he grabbed me by my arm

“no that’s not it , I like you Adam, I’m sorry if I been neglecting you , but I love being with you , I love that you’re my boyfriend”

“ I don’t believe you” Sam smiled then leaned in and kissed me , garnering a few stares I’m sure he back away

“do you believe me now” I nodded my head yes

“ class is about to s/tart lets talk at lunch” I nodded yes and we parted Tyler came up to me eating a carrot

“seems you and lover boy are happy again”

“yeah, hopefully It will stay that way .,how can you eat that?, Carrots are so nasty”

“hey for your info they are healthy and good for the eyes” I rolled my eyes he laughed at that

In home room Travis was already in his seat when Tyler and I got there I sat next to Travis and Tyler sat in back of us , I looked over and saw Travis writing down Tylers name in a Graffiti style he saw I was looking and closed his book he definitely had red cheeks I smiled at that . Vikki gave us her stares but we looked away from her , the day was pretty uneventful

When Tyler and I got home I noticed my mom had suitcases

“mom where are you going?” I asked going into the kitchen dad was home too

“We have to go London they want to carry the brand in the uk isn’t that exciting , Tyler you will be plastered all over Europe” Tyler had a huge smile

“that’s amazing!” Tyler added

“and I will be assisting you mother , as her lawyer and her husband” dad said giving mom a kiss

“what about us” I asked

“I trust you boys we will only be gone a few days and this will be a perfect opportunity to see how you do alone , for a few days” this was going to be awesome.

as I laid in my bed finishing my homework Tyler came in and sat on my bed

“You done with your homework” I asked

“Yeah, so how about we throw a party tomorrow while the rents are away” I looked into his green eyes

“You are not serious , mom would have my head” I said

“come on Adam live a little , this would give me a chance to meet a few people”

“okay but we will have to be careful , you know lock up all the valuables, make sure no one destroys anything” Tyler agreed

The next day when we went into school I got a lot of people telling me they would be at my party I looked at Tyler

“I kind of told a few people”

“looks like the whole school got your memo” Travis came up to us

“you are going to be the talk of the century Adam” Travis smiled while walking close to Tyler could he be even more obvious

* * *

The party

People arrived and music was blasting we were having the time of our lives I saw Krys sitting down with a flask I went over and sat down next to him

“hey cheer up gloomy” he smiled

“There is goes” I kissed him on the cheek , it must have been the beer he turned and his lips were heading towards mine but I turned by head

He kissed my cheek I looked at him he didn’t seem to be too happy about that he took a swig of what ever was in the flask and drunk it then stood up and got lost in the crowd I saw Travis and Tyler talking it up they seemed to be in a very interesting conversation , Travis was getting his man I smiled and looked for my man , where was he.

Krys spotted Sam in the kitchen getting something to drink he walked over

“hey you” Krys said Sam smiled “I hope that cup is for me”

“Actually it’s for Adam” Sam said

“oh ,how stupid of me” Krys was going to put on his model charm he smiled at Sam

“what?” Sam said , someone bumped into Krys who bumped into Sam and a drink spilled on Krys

“oh gosh you have juice all over you”

“juice?” Krys questioned Sam smiled

“yeah , my boyfriend is drinking I want to be the one who stays level headed Krys nodded he noticed that Sam put his cup down

“Can you get me napkins” Krys asked

“Sure” he went over to the counter to retrieve some napkins for Krys ,Krys had a few party favors (drugs) he put a pill in Sam’s Drink

“hey how about we cheers to being less clumsy” Krys said holding out his flask Sam laughed a little and clinked his Cup with Krys Flask and drunk some of his juice , it tasted a bit funny to Sam but it was okay , they talked for a little while longer until Sam felt a little dizzy

“are you okay” Krys asked

“I think I need to sit down”

“hey how about I bring you upstairs so you can lay down” Sam agreed , they went through the crowed , Krys was cautious he made sure Adam or any of his friends saw, they made their way upstairs . To Adam’s room

Krys sat Sam on Adams bed and Sam closed his eyes he could feel kissed on his neck , he never felt like this , he felt good , Adam was damn good at giving him kisses he thought he felt his shirt being pulled over his head then a kiss on his Pecs, followed by sucking on his nipples he tossed his head back as he felt his member grow. Krys looked down to see a bulge In Sam’s jeans , he got on his knee’s and unbuckled Sam’s belt then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans he pulled them down his meaty thighs until they were around his legs Krys looked at Sam’s straining member sticking out of his briefs as if it was a prize , he pulled down his briefs exposing his hard cut seven and a half inch cock Krys licked his lips and bent down opening his mouth for his prize., he licked the head of Sam’s cock Sam moaned

“oh Adam yes” Krys almost felt guilty but this had to be done , he began to suck on his cock tasting Sam’s flavorful juices Sam began to buck in and out of Krys mouth he massaged his balls as Sam stuffed his mouth with his cock , Krys own cock was hard and needed to be released as he sucked he managed to take off his own shoes jeans then boxers . He released Sam’s dick which was hard as a rock and took off his shirt he had everything off except socks he took off Sam’s Jeans and he was in the same predicament as Krys naked with white socks on , Krys reached in his pocket and pulled out a condom he opened it and rolled it on Sam

“I love you Adam” Sam said in a slurred way , Krys pushed all his guilt out and picked up Sam’s phone , he texted Adam

“hey babe in your room , I need to talk to you” he didn’t press send yet he held the phone as he climbed onto sam’s lap facing him , Sam was still sitting up he felt Sam arms wrap around him and his dickhead pressing against his ass , Krys rubbed some spit on his cock and sat down slowly on it , Krys felt many sensations as Sam entered him, but it was his time to take over , he began to grinned up and down on Sam’s pole as Sam was moaning , he knew the drug was going to wear off soon and he pressed send .

* * *

I was dancing with Tyler and Travis when I got a text message from Sam

“hey babe in your room, I need to talk to you” I smiled , I was falling in love with Sam and I would easily give up this party to just be in a room with just me and him , I told Travis and Tyler I was going upstairs to talk to Sam and I made my way upstairs . As I approached my door I could hear my bed Squeaking , I smiled thinking Sam was getting naughty while he waited , I placed my hand on the door and opened it I stood there in shock as I saw two people on my beg, one guy had his arms wrapped around the other guys who was on top of him. The guy getting his was getting ridden on had his face in the chest of the guy who was on top of him going up and down on his cock the guy getting fucked was moaning and running his fingers through his hair “Yeah ride me baby” it was Sam” I turned on the lights and my heart fell out of my chest

“what the fuck is this” I yelled so loud I’m sure everyone in Manhattan could hear me . Krys jumped off of Sam I looked at both of them . Tyler and Travis came running they saw Sam sitting there with a confused look on his face and his dick hard sticking up and Krys Scrambling to put his clothes on ,

“Oh my god , Adam are you okay” Travis asked I began to tear up

“how could you” I said Sam looked at me then at krys

“Adam I didn’t , I don’t know what happened” he stood up, his dick was hard with a condom on it “tell them Krys”

“Sorry dude but we were drinking and you forced yourself on me , I mean shit your hot , sorry Adam” I couldn’t believe this, Krys was my friend

“Adam please” Sam put on his briefs then the rest of his clothes by this time half the kids at the party was looking into my room they were texting and taking pictures , I was for sure humiliated Sam came over to be , I felt raged I slap the shit out of him , he backed up holding his face . Krys came over

“ I really am sorry , Adam your one of my best…” before he could say anything I balled my fist and punched him he fell back in surprised he didn’t expect me to punch him

“get the fuck out all of you , now just go”


“fuck you Sam , we are finished.. over , I never want to talk to you again!” he tried to grab me but Tyler stopped him

“He doesn’t want to talk to you , you need to leave Give him some space, all of you Leave now” he said to everyone Krys stood up

“ I said I was sorry”

“fuck you , Aiden was right about you , your damaged goods don’t you ever talk to me again we are not friends”

“it was a mistake , Sam told me too” Krys stated with urgency in his voice

“Get the fuck out” Travis said grabbing Krys and dragging him out

“Adam please” Sam came closer I began to cry he wiped my tears put I pushed him away

“please just go, I don’t want to do this anymore” I stated he began to cry to then turned to leave , downstairs Tyler was making everyone leave” Travis came up to me

“do you need me to stay” I hugged him tightly he held me

“no I’ll be okay thanks Travie” he kissed me on my forehead and said goodbye to Tyler once everyone was gone Tyler picked up a bottle of Vodka I took it from him and turned it up drinking some I offered him the bottled , I sat down and cried he came over and wrapped his arm around me , he took another swig then handed it to me , I drunk a little bit more until I felt a bit numb inside , I looked up into this sea of amazing green then leaned in his pouty lips were on mine we began making out , I felt his strong hands touch and caress my whole body , I ripped his plaid button up open exposing his sexy beautiful chest I began to kiss and lick on his neck going down to his pecs he stopped me then lift my shirt over my head , he was doing the same to me

“how about we take this to the bedroom” Tyler said lustfully I happily agreed , we went upstairs and to his room, where I was going to have sex with Tyler and forget about all the pain…

To be Continued

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