Before and After Episode 30 (Series Finale)

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Before and After Episode 30 (Series Finale)

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Before and After
“Not the end , just the beginning”
Written by Tony

“Uncle Steven uncle Oliver it’s Christmas!!” we both woke up to Justin bouncing on our bed

“buddy , yeah , can we get two more minutes to sleep” I asked

“no! time to open presents get up”

we both got up

“your mom and dad should be up doing this with you”

“they are already up , I came to get you two” he was holding both of our hands as he dragged us downstairs , we got to the Christmas tree and the whole family was up and waiting

“it’s about time” my dad said

“okay we are here , merry Christmas happy holidays but I am tired” i stated turning back around to go back upstairs

“Steven get back here and open up some presents” my mother yelled , I walked over to the tree and picked up and present it had my name on it I opened it , it was a car key”

“what is this” I asked

“it’s your new BMW” my dad stated Oliver smiled

“you knew about this” I asked

“yeah , I helped picked it out I knew what car you would like”

“thank you dad so much”

“your welcome” I went under the tree and got a box and handed it to Oliver

“for me” I nodded yes

He opened it , and picked up and envelope he opened it and took out the brochures


“yeah , well I got a little help in this present but it was solely my idea but we will be going to England , France Italy and Spain this summer coming .

“and we will be coming with “ cooper said as he held Janie’s hand

“this is awesome , the whole summer in Europe with my boyfriend my brother and his wife , before senior year” Oliver kissed me

“so come on check out your new Whip” Oliver pushed me to the door

“you do know it’s the dead of winter in new jersey out there” we grabbed our coats and there was my all black BMW with a big red bow but next to it was a 2012 Range Rover sitting next to it with another red bow

Who’s truck is this” I asked Oliver shrugged his shoulders

“merry Christmas little brother” Cooper stood next to him

“you got me a new car” he asked

“yeah, I wanted you to have something new too, so while you were out getting steven’s car , Mrs. Mitchell , Janie Justin and I were getting you yours , and judging from that look on your face you are shocked” cooper handed him his keys we both checked out our new cars this was one hell of a Christmas so far

“hey guys , what do you think about a wedding today”

“really , so soon”

“yup , we got a Wedding Chapel preserved for it , so call as many people as you can , to make it, I know it will be rushed , but we want to do it our way” we both nodded at that

After we finished opening gifts and playing with Justin, oliver and I called as many people as we could , everyone for the most part agreed to come. And since it was short noticed it wouldn’t be extravagant but they didn’t want that , they wanted something simple no bride mates or grooms mans just them two in the front


Janie and mom did her hair and she had gotten a dress a few weeks ago .

Oliver and I put on our tuxes and made sure we looked like we were going to a wedding

“how do I look” he asked

“smoking hot” I kissed his lips

“your smoking hot yourself” our door opened and Josh and Sam came in Dressed up

“thank god we all have Suits, oh guys I want to properly introduce you to Sam” we shook Sam’s hand

“so you’re the one who turned my best friend” I stated

“he did not turn me , I am still Straight , sort of “ we laughed

“yeah, were just having fun” Sam added

“you know your tie is crooked” Sam redid Oliver’s tie and Josh helped me with mine

“there you two look spiffy”

“Spiffy? , I don’t think I ever heard that word besides in movies”

Josh chuckled hitting Sam playfully

“ hey!” Sam smacked his ass josh jumped we all laughed , Oliver pulled me in for another kiss his tongue slipped in my mouth , if he kept this up we was going to put on a show , but reluctantly we parted and saw Sam and Josh making out. I never seen josh kiss a guy besides me, so I didn’t know how he would look doing so , but he looked Natural , and he was enjoying it I cleared my throat , they stopped

“well I’m glad you love birds were about to get a grip”

“what can I say Sam has a pretty sweet mouth” Sam blushed at that. those two were fun to watch.

We heard knocking and turned to face the door Tyler came in

“so I got some good news”

“really! , what is it” I asked

“hey wait for me” Adam came into my room ,this was weird he smiled

“hey Steven , Oliver”

“Adam wow I haven’t seen you in awhile” I said

“ yeah I been busy in New York , so my mom has her own Fashion label and she wanted someone to headline the Campaign for the men’s line and guess who got it”

Tyler pointed to himself

“wow that’s awesome” Oliver said

“yeah congrats man” I hugged him he held on tight

“thank you Steven! I did this because you convinced me too” he kissed my cheek

" I made us dinner, this way my sexy boyfriend" we went into the dinning
Room “so I made pepper stake with onions and Gravy , mash potatoes and they
are so creamy and buttery , you'll die, with a nice Greek salad oh and for
dessert peach cobbler , with a side of Tyler" I laughed

"all of it sound so good to me, I don't know what I want first , oh yeah a
side of Tyler sounds good " he grabbed my hand and led me to the dining
room he pulled out my chair

"you do know I'm not a girl" I stated , he rolled his eyes in a playful way

"Steven , I know that but I think its polite" I laughed he went over to his

"wait a minute" he looked at me puzzled I got up and pulled his chair out
for him he sat with a grin I pushed the chair in and kissed him on his

"how's that for chivalry"

"that was great i guess Chivalry isnt dead, oh i almost forgot happy


"its been a month since we've been going out , I'm not much for
anniversaries but I think one month is important" I couldn't believe he did
all this because we were going out for a month , it just showed what kind
of a guy I had in my life

"Tyler this is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me, thank you,
I just wished I knew you would do this so I could give you a present" he
smiled his coy smile and reached over and took my hand in his "you being
here is enough of a present to me babe" he brushed his blond hair out of
his face . Then we heard a buzz

"the food is ready!" he got up and went into the kitchen five minutes later
he came out with two plates fixed with what he said he made , and it looked
and smelled delicious he sat a plate in front of me and a plate where he
was sitting , he took two whine glasses and filled it with eyes and then
Coke, I laughed

"what happen to the alcohol" I asked

"you have to drive , I care about you Steven , so Coke will do"

After dinner which I might add was so damn good, Tyler and I watched a
movie snuggled up together

"where are your parents" I asked he turned and face me

"they are away at my grandparents house in Pennsylvania they should be
coming back tomorrow actually" I grabbed his hand in mine he leaned his
face close to me and I kissed him, our lips were hot and I wanted him badly
, I felt his hand travel down my back and touch my butt he gave it a
squeeze and my body shook in pure delight .

" I know you want to wait but do you think maybe we can make love" he asked
and nuzzled into my neck he was making me horny and hard as I felt his lips
and touch on my neck his fingers found my buttons on my shirt and he
unbuttoned the top button then the next , then the next until my shirt was
completely unbuttoned I took my shirt off , he then took my White t-shirt
off as well

"wow, Steven you have a nice body" he bent down and sucked my left nipple

"oh gosh, Tyler" I ran my fingers through his hair and rolled my head back
my breathing was heavy as he licked and sucked on my harden nipple , I felt
his hand travel down my stomach to my crotch he squeezed my hard on "oh god
, your going to make me blow my load" he reached for my belt buckle and
then my phone rung. I looked at the time it was ten thirty I stopped Tyler

"I didn't realize what time it was , I have to go before I get grounded
forever" Tyler sighed I stood up and put my t-shirt back on then my button

" I really don't want you to go" he sat up and grabbed my hand he walked me
to the front door

" I don't want to go but my dad will start bitching" he hugged me tight his
lips met mine then he pulled away

"I love you Steven Mitchell everything about you"

“no thank you Tyler” I said

“for what”

“you were apart of my life , of who I am today and we had some bad times but not all of it was bad , remember before my accident , that dinner” his smile was so big

“yeah , our one month anniversary, and you changed my life too Steven , for the better , you make everyone a better person or want to be a better person” I backed away and went back over to Oliver

“your not mad or anything are you”

“no” he grabbed my hand

“im a little Jealous” he smiled then kissed my neck

“So since I got the gig , I wont be going to school here with you guys anymore, I’m still trying to convince my parents to move to new york but they don’t want to go because their jobs and everything else is here in new jersey”

“cant you commute back and forth” Oliver asked

“yeah , but I rather be in the city booking jobs would be easier”

“Why don’t you just stay with Adam” Josh stated Tyler looked at Adam

“that’s actually not a bad idea” Adam stated , you would be getting crazy work if you stayed with us. I’ll call mom and see what she says and you can call your mother” they both nodded

*The Wedding*

Josh and I sat on his car outside the chapel ,, watching the guest who could make it at last minute go inside

“why does it feel like the end” he stated I looked over at him as if he was crazy

“what do you mean?” I asked

“I don’t know , I guess that was stupid to say , I mean not like death end but like just somber end you know” I shook my head I guess I could feel something like that ,

“you know , back when we were laying in bed and Oliver was with Amanda and I thought my whole life was over . I had you, you know, we stop being friends but we found our way back to each other , promise me we will always be friends best friends , no matter how far we go or how many people we are around or even if your married to Sam or someone else and have kids” josh rolled his eyes and wrapped his arm around my shoulder he leaned in his head touching mine

“we will always be friends Steven , you’re my rock , you get me like no other ,just like I get you , and that’s why we are bestfriends , that’s why you were always protective of me growing up and I always had your back until I found out you were gay , but I knew I was wrong and I am grateful you took me back. Oliver came out the chapel and over to us

“trying to steal my boyfriend”

“no way , you and Steven are made for each other , I’m just happy to have a best friend that I know will be here until the end” we all smiled at that

“its time we go inside guys, plus it‘s cold” I said

We went inside there was a nice turn out , Oliver sat next to me up front with my parents . Mark and Spencer sat behind us

“hey guys” I said

“hey , you two look smoking” Spencer said Oliver and I smiled

“I cant believe they are getting married this is so last minute” Mark stated

“tell me about it”

The chapel wasn’t as big as a church but it was nice enough and it was full , Oliver mother came in with Cooper and Owen. Oliver looked at them she was all smiles , she spotted Oliver

“I need to talk to her for a minute” he stood up and went over , I watched as they talked and she hugged him , she hugged her three boys then she and Owen sat down on the other side . Oliver came back over

“go sit with your mom and brother” I smiled

“your okay with that”

“that is your family , go sit with them” Oliver smiled and walked over sitting next to her , she had a big smile on her face as Oliver sat next to her. the Ceremony stated

Justin was the ring barrier and dad walked Janie down the aisle it was perfect , she met Cooper in the front and Justin was up there with them they both promised to love and respect each other until the day they died they even had their own vows it was awesome , I was so happy that my sister was getting the life she wanted , deserved I looked over at my mom and dad who were happy as well , the rings were place and the famous word coming from the justice of the peace

“from the state of New Jersey I know pronounce you husband and wife after that we went to infer-red for a little reception, the owner let us use the space .

Music was playing it was great

Ben and Josh pulled a table over to our usual booth , The whole gang sat together

“this is sad, Tyler is going off to new York with Adam, they wont be here, we are going to get smaller and smaller” Amanda said

“I think that’s life, we aren’t going to all stay the same especially after high school” I added

“but we can make an Effort to try and stay in touch” Tyler said , ben and Megan agreed.

“so it will be 2011 in a few days any resolutions guys” Mark asked

“I plan on being with this one for an actual whole year, unlike before” Oliver added our friends laughed

“well I plan on , finishing the eleventh grade with a nice GPA and making my boyfriend study extra hard so we both end up in nyu with Josh after senior year, and I also plan to be drama free and focus on my relationship with a great sexy , guy name Oliver Greyson”

“who me?” oliver said innocently we laughed , he leaned in and kissed me again

“I plan on asking Megan to marry me in September the start of our senior year” Ben stated

“Ben , your suppose to surprise me not tell me when your going to do it”

“you know you want to marry me” she smiled

“maybe Ben , maybe” she stated

“I plan on working on our relationship” mark said to Spencer who kissed him

“ I plan on being the best boyfriend mark has ever seen and be a better friend to all of you” Spencer stated

“I plan on being a big model in nyc and having the world at my finger tips. Oh and to find a nice new york boy” Tyler smiled

" i plan on thinking outside of the box and see all of my possibilities, and also make sure my grades are up the rest of junior year and Senior year so i can be in NYU with my Bestie his boyfriend and possibly someone else " Josh stated looking at Sam with a smile

"i plan on not caring what others say whats the point , and just go with the flow" Sam smiled looking at Josh

“ I plan on just relaxing and exploring new things and seeing where things leave with this guy who also goes by the name of Sam” Adam stated

“wow Cryptic much” Amanda stated rolling her eyes

“well, since it’s my turn I would like to find a boyfriend ,who doesn’t like other guys , that would just be it , who knows hopefully he will just show up out of nowhere”

“I'm sorry I thought this place was open the public” we looked over at a boy we hadn’t seen before he was hot

“wow god you work fast” she said and stood up and went over they started talking we all shook our heads . laughing


“Steven, Oliver the ball is about to drop!” I heard my mom we ran down stairs holding hands , Oliver mother had come over to join us , she has been great ,I started to think it was his father who was putting things in her head because she has made an effort to be in Oliver’s life and even mine , oh and she loves Justin to pieces

Cooper had Janie in his arms while Justin and Owen were sitting on the floor looking up at the T.V watching the massive amount of people gathered in time square in Manhattan 10.9.8

Oliver mother looked a little sad that her husband couldn't be a proper one and spend time with us , but she had a look of content on her face because all her children were happy and that's all she ever wanted.

My mom and dad were all smiles waiting to kiss as midnight approached . 7.6.5

Oliver turned to me puckering up I smiled Oliver kissed me tenderly and passionately… happy new years everyone

(The End)

wow it has been a crazy , exciting eight months . haha i want to think everyone who has read this ,and loved it . because you all were my motivation to finish . now it's time to put Steven, oliver, josh and the gang on the shelf and start another exciting Adventure . I'm sure some of these characters will make guest features in the Adventure of Adam .

again thank youuuuuuuuuuu

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