Before and After Episode 29

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Before and After Episode 29

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Before and After
“off with his plan!”
Written by: Tony


“olli you think they will accept us” I asked as he was spooning me

“yeah , I think my dad has finally realized that this isn’t some phase and that I love you” he kissed me on the back of my neck

“maybe that’s why he wants to hold the Christmas eve party at the house”

“well your family do owns a big house”

“its not that big”

“Are you serious that place could easily fit four hundred people”

“it will be nice to have the Mitchells and Greysons together , especially since your sister and my brother are getting hitched, and Candice is awfully nice , its good that she is coming she can meet everyone” I nodded

“who would have thought , our family would be so intertwined , too bad I don’t have a younger sister for Owen” Oliver laughed

“that would be something, so have you thought about us , you know getting hitched one day”

“wow , no I just never thought that would be possible you know for me and you and in new jersey”

“ I know that’s far from now , we are still juniors in high school , but it isn’t impossible to do and who knows , five, ten, fifteen years from now , we might be able to get married in this state”

“have you thought about kids” I asked

“yeah, I want to have at least four”

“why four” I asked

“I want us to use a surrogate, and for us to have two each raise them together”

“that’s a lot of diapers” we both laughed

“I know but we wouldn’t have four right away , at least not on purpose imagine two boys two girls , four boys or four girls , 1 boy three girls , three boys 1 girl , so many combos , and we will love them no matter what.

“you will be a great father Olli”

“so would you babe, we compliment each other , and we will no doubt be great dads but that Is so far away , we aren’t even seniors yet”

i nodded at that, Oliver Lips attacked mine i could easily imagine us together forever


Sam my lips are numb dude” he smiled

“I’m not going anywhere doofus” I leaned over and kissed Sam quickly

“just checking” I laughed then my doorbell rung I went downstairs

“sure why don’t I get it” my mom was on the computer she waved me away I opened the door Lauren was standing she smiled

“hi Josh it been a while”

“hey lauren, whats going on”

“I um I just missed you , I miss having fun with you”

“lauren I “ she kissed me I kissed her back , damn it felt good we parted

“hey Sam” Lauren smiled I froze

“hey Lauren, okay dude I’m going” Sam said patting me on my shoulder” he walked passed us

“so can I come in” I looked over her shoulders and saw Sam getting in his car and pulled off . I think I hurt him.

“I have a lot to do , sorry lauren” she looked disappointed

“well you know my number its still the same” she turned and walked away this was getting complicated in the matter of minutes

The next day

I woke up thinking about Sam , I mean he didn’t seem pissed and he had on his jacket before he came downstairs so he was leaving anyway, why Lauren had a sudden interest in me , not that I complained she was smoking hot always has been , but so is Sam , as I was thinking I heard my window open and Amanda came through

“hey your up?”

“Amanda what are you doing, its snow all over the place and slippery” she sat on my bed

“ I was thinking you know about us and how we left things josh I care about you and your sexy and” she kissed me what the hell was going on , I backed away

“okay Amanda please just go I cant right now”

“you want to” she smiled lifting her shirt exposing her laced bra

“please go” she looked disappointed

“okay , I guess I’ll see you at the Greyson Christmas eve party , save me a dance babe” she went out the way she came in , I watched as she climbed down the side of my house this is just great, I got up and took a nice hot shower then got dressed , I just wanted to see Sam for some reason I got in my car and drove to Sam’s house I knocked on the door and his mom let me in , I went up to his room and knocked on the door I opened and some girl was getting out of his bed

“Josh dude!”

“Dude? Really” I turned to leave

“Josh wait, Kasey you should go and make sure my mom doesn’t see you” she rolled her eyes and put on her shirt then left out

“why are you looking at me like that”

“here I was feeling guilty for kissing Lauren and Amanda and your sleeping with some girl” I couldn’t believe how jealous I sound , maybe I was into Sam more then I let on

“wait Amanda too”:

“that’s beside the point , I sound like a jealous idiot what are we doing Sam” I sat on his bed he sat up and put his chin on my shoulder

“I was a little jealous when I saw lauren kiss you, I thought you were going to have sex with her so I called Kasey up, all I know is I like you josh, your amazing

“so lets go from that , you think im amazing I think your amazing , forget kasey lauren and Amanda even though there all hot” we laughed together “lets just I know have fun with each other no labels or uncomfortable introduction to people, were just us” he nodded
“just us , I like that”


“ I cant go” Spencer said upset


“we are driving down to Virginia and we are leaving in a few minutes”

“im going to miss you”

“same babe” we kissed “and when you get home your so getting the best Present in the world”

“really, I cant wait” he kissed me on my forehead I had to leave to pick up Amanda

* Steven

At the party

The whole house was decorated and looked like something out of a magazine Christmas music was playing and there were tons of gifts for all the guest , the greysons knew how to throw a party , I spotted Amanda I walked over to her she was looking at josh with lustful eyes

“wow your fucking him with you eyes” she laughed

“I cant help it , josh is sexy and he has a big dick” I looked at josh and wondered how big , I mean I wasn’t interested in josh , I just was a little curious Josh and sam went upstairs non-chalantly

“Josh looks so cute, in his tux” Lauren said while walking up to us

“he does, doesn’t he , I think I have another shot with him” Lauren looked at her as we went upstairs lauren followed

“Josh and I are first loves sweetie , if anyone has another shot it is me”

“Lauren you gave him up and the sex was amazing by the way you’re a loser”

“shut your little trashy mouth”

Lauren pushed Amanda

“okay guys , lets just stop”

“stay out of it Steven” they both said in unison

“you skank” Amanda grabbed her hair they were fighting , over Josh who at the moment was consumed with starring at Sam right down the hall they weren’t even paying any of this any mind ,he didn’t even know he had two girls fighting over him,

“he is mine”

“no he is mine” mark ran over

“I’ll grab Amanda you grab lauren” he stated I nodded we both grabbed them they were trying to fight us to get back to their fight with each other

“listen , you two bitches better stop or us two bitches will be fighting you two” Mark yelled they calmed down

“Josh Is mine” Lauren said

“no he is not we had a better connection”

“key word had , past tense !” Lauren added

“how about I take my fist and make a present tense on your eye” Amanda yelled

“well there go josh going in the room, how about we go see which one he wants” I stopped them

:listen girls Josh is doing his own thing why don’t you leave him alone” I stated

“I get you are his best friend , but shut up Steven and get out of our way” if that’s what they wanted then who was I to stop them they both made their way to the room

“Should we follow just in case they try to kill poor josh” Mark asked I nodded yes , we ran up to them before they got to the room , when they opened the door, Josh and Sam were in a hot make out session on the bed they stopped and looked at us

“oh my god ! he doesn’t want either of us , he is gay” Lauren stormed off clearly upset

“um… carry on” I stated the three of us left out closing the door behind us

“am I a gay guy magnet or something ,” Amanda asked looking defeated

“no! , josh and Sam thing just kind of happened Amanda , look I don’t know how sexuality works but he really likes Sam , Things like that just happens sometimes.”

“well I am shocked , who would have thought straight laced josh swung for our team , I would have been tried him out” Mark confessed

We laughed at that

“I guess your right , I wonder why I hated you before we became friends” Amanda said to me

“I’m not sure it was hate , you just wanted Oliver , and I was competition , and if it helps you are a champion at getting any guy .case and point Oliver” she smiled

“you are like the best friend I never wanted” I rolled my eyes at that

“you are”


As Oliver sat down so did “Candice”

“your family has a nice house”

“yeah, it Is nice , but this isn’t home anymore , my home is with my boyfriend and his family

“oh , so you have a boyfriend?”

“yeah, I’m gay , I love him very much” Candice clutched the vile of date rape drug in her hand

“See him over there all dressed up” Oliver pointed out to Steven, who was talking to mark

“yeah, steven dresses up pretty nicely” she was telling the truth , Steven was gorgeous to her she saw him standing next to mark and some blonde girl she looked around and then made her move she poured some in his cup as he was still looking at Steven the smile that laid on his face told her everything , he was in love and it almost made her feel bad about what she was doing, key word almost

“you barely touched your drink” he snapped out of it and turned and picked up his cup and drunk some

“wow what is this, it‘s kind of strong” he asked

“It’s punch is it good?”

“yeah , Candice its really good , so what part of Canada are you from”

“um…um .. Alberta” she didn’t know anything about Canada but her mom took a trip to Canada and went to Alberta so that just popped in her head

“well I have to go to my baby” he stood up and looked a little dizzy

“Are you okay” she asked trying to sound worried

“yeah , um I don’t know”

“hey how about we get some fresh air”

“sounds like a good idea” they both walk out the hall Candice and Oliver’s father made eye contact he nodded , but what he didn’t see was some one was watching them , someone who needed to act quick before that cruel man made Stevens and Olivers life a living hell


“Amanda can you help me with something”

“what !, I’m not touching anything gross”

“oh shut up , we will be a minute, Steven”

I practically dragged Amanda away and out into the hall way

“what’s wrong” she said

“I just saw Oliver and Spencer’s ex-girlfriend leave out together

“what!, that cant be right , he wouldn’t hurt Steven not again”

“something is up and did I mention I saw Oliver dad nod at her

“they are planning something we have to stop it, lets go to his room” we ran up the stairs Amanda was more familiar with this place then I was when we got to his bedroom , the door was closed we tried to open but couldn’t

“that bitch locked the door” Amanda yelled

“and I’m going to break it down no one fucks with my friends and their relationships” I felt like a action movie star

“really?” Amanda rolled her eyes in annoyance

“what , I thought that was a great line”

“just open the damn door”

I used all my strength and kicked the door opened Farah was taking off her clothes she stopped

“wow , you caught us at a bad time”

I noticed Oliver on the bed naked I ran over to him , he moving his head back in forth , and I wrapped his covers over his private parts

“you gone to far Farah , or should I say Candice from Canada,”

“why cant you just stay out of my life Mark” Farah yelled

“why cant you go get a life , first you try to seduce my boyfriend now your trying to seduce Stevens but you want to know what’s sad , you have to drug him to get him naked”

“yeah , that’s just pathetic , sweetheart I manipulated Oliver into sleeping with me , and with you , well he just had to be put to sleep”

“who are you , you stupid bitch” farah looked annoyed

“since mark cant hit a girl I thought why don’t I do it” Amanda got in her face

“hey guys have you seen Ol..” Steven was standing there , he looked at Oliver naked and then at Farah who was half dressed

“not again!” Steven looked as if he was going to cry I walked over to him

“Oliver did nothing wrong I promise , its Her”


“her name is not Candice its Farah she is from Virginia not Canada, she somehow got involved with Oliver’s father and they set something up , I think he wanted to break you two up and what better way then for you to come in here and see your naked boyfriend in bed with a naked girl”

“so he doesn’t even know about any of this” Steven asked

“I think the last thing Oliver will remember is being downstairs with everyone else” Steven got in Farahs face

“you are a monster you know that , you and his old man should rot, she squinted her eyes and spit in Stevens face ,

“you disgusting bitch” Amanda yelled then punched farah in her face , Steven whipped his face with a towel and went over to Oliver

“babe wake up please” Oliver head started moving he opened his eyes a little

“steven hi, I love you” he smiled sounding dazed

“ I love you too baby , Oliver I need you to stay awake “ Steven cradled his boyfriend

“I know but I’m so tired” he said , Steven found his underwear and put them on him and also his white t-shirt , I noticed farah was still on the floor

“you knocked her out cold A” I smiled Amanda half grinned

“I’m the only one who can be a bitch around my friends and even then I don’t go around spitting in people’s faces, that’s just disgusting and rude”

“thank you guys so much for what you did for Oliver,… for me” Steven had tears in his eyes he was shaken up Amanda and I hugged him

“hey , we caught her before she was able to do anything” farah began moving she sat up then stood up Amanda grabbed her holding her , I saw anger in Steven’s eyes

“its time to settle this once and for all” he stormed out of Oliver’s room and so did we I also held on to farah who would be sporting a black eye by tomorrow”


I practically jumped down all the stairs leading to the big ball room the party was in I pushed through people

“honey what’s wrong” I heard my mom said I didn’t even look at her or dad I had only one person I was concentrating on Oliver’s father , I got to him and stood in front of him he had a smirk on his face

“this for everything” I yelled then punched him so hard he fell back on a table , the table legs broke , I never knew I had that much strength in me , I mean I’m not a puny guy or anything , but I never got into big fights where fist were involved” before I could think his father was up and grabbed me by my neck cooper came and manage to separate us

“what the hell is going on , Steven why did you hit my father?”

“I’ll kill that fucking faggot” he yelled cooper was still in the middle my father got through all the people

“you touch one hair on my son head, I dare you”

“Seven why did you hit my dad” cooper asked again

“he had some girl drug Oliver and try to rape him” I said loud enough so everyone could hear he was sporting a smile “but luckily I had friends who always have my back looking out for Oliver and me and well they stopped it from going to far, he was naked when they got to him”

“is this True Collin” his wife asked

“the kid is lying”

“Mrs. Greyson , go upstairs and look at your son for yourself , or ask Farah the girl who did it” she went over to farah

“is this the truth, I need to know , and if god as my witness if you lie I’ll make sure you spend lots of time in a jail cell” farah gulped

“yes its true I met your husband when I was leaving out of this town and he offered me a lot of money for sex so he rented a motel room and we had sex, then he called me up weeks later and asked me if I wanted to make a hundred grand , and I did exactly what Steven said I did so I can get that money, people were now talking and it was bad stuff about Mr. Greyson his cocky grin turned into a horror look

“dad how could you” cooper yelled

“calm down”

“calm down you had my brother drugged, you will never come near my son or my family again” Cooper punched him he feel over

“that’s for all the times you told us we weren’t good enough and hurting Oliver the way you did”

Owen came forward holding justins hand

“I hate you dad” he said Janie took Owen and Justin away from all the comotion

The cops were called and Farah and Oliver’s father were arrested , I just wanted to be near my boyfriend , I went back upstairs I noticed Oliver was sitting up in bed looking confused

“hey” he looked up

“Steven what happened” I sat down on his bed

“your dad had you drugged by this girl name farah , she was going to have sex with you”


“yeah, mark and Amanda stopped her before she could do , it”

“who is farah, I mean the last thing I remember I was talking to Candice”

“Candice is farah , she lied she is spencer ex girlfriend who was involved with your father , she isn’t even from Canada she is from Virginia”

“I want to ring his neck for what he did”

“I kind of took care of that”

“what?” I showed him my knuckles

“you punched my dad out” he asked I nodded

“wow my boyfriend is a total badass” he then took my hand and kissed it where it was bruised

“your mom didn’t know , about any of this , and on top of all of this , she found out he was sleeping with a seventeen year old girl”

“where is my mother”

“she went to the police station , to make a statement , I already gave my statement”

“right now I just want to go home and be in our bed with you”

“ I think we can arrange that, cooper also punched him out and owen told him he hates him”

“I just wanted him to love me no matter what steven, he’s my dad but he doesn’t care at least I have a dad who does care about me , Mr Mitchell is more of a dad then mine will ever be” I hugged him tightly

“I cant believe I was almost raped” he laughed

“that is not funny”

“sure it is, come on its screwed up , my own dad hired someone to Seduce me, that’s pretty fucked up” he stood up and went in his closet and put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie

He then put on some sneakers and held out his hand for me I stood up and took it

“lets go home babe, all that other stuff we will deal with another day” with that we walked out he turned off the lights and closed the door .


Well folks , it’s the end of the road, One more left you guys!!!
I can’t believe I am almost finished with this series , on the last chapter I want to give everyone shoutouts , so I will be looking at all e-mails and adding them in the last chapter and if you want me to put you in the last Chapter just let me know

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