Before and After Episode 28

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Before and After Episode 28

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Before and After
“Plans for the innocent”
Written by Tony


“wait , how many girlfriends have you had?” I asked

“ Mark , come on these questions should not be asked”

“ I know , I just want to know how many girls you conquered” He sighed

“about four girls”

“wow, I guess that isn’t a lot “

“how many guys?” he asked

“ well I use to date girls and I been with maybe three,”

“that’s not too bad”

“ but I been with a lot of guys , my first boy I had sex with was a senior when I was a sophomore , he was hot and on the football and lacrosse team , we did it a few times but he had a girlfriend , he actually said I was an addiction, he wouldn’t stop seeing me , even though his girlfriend expected he was cheating , but he graduated I haven’t heard from him since , then there is Westly and max, Greg , Steven , Adam , Tyler “

“wow that many” when he said that, it kind of hurt I guess he saw it on my face

“ No I didn’t mean it like that , I just didn’t know you had sex with so many people”

“does that change anything between us” he shook his head no

“I know I will be your last. And your so fucking adorable” he kissed me

“ your freaked out , I can tell” I stated wishing I had dropped this conversation when he asked me too

“mark I’m not freaked out , its who you use to be, not who you are anymore”

He took a drink

“so you use to eat the box” he spit out his drink

“only with Farrah , I actually didn’t like it , I thought it was gross but she wanted me to do it , so I did it a couple of times”

“oh , that’s something”

“wait you aren’t freaked out by that are you Mark?”

“no, but I sure didn’t like her throwing that in my face, while we are on the matter of ex girlfriends. You are attracted to girls what if your ideal girl comes along. Then what?”

“Mark!, really how many times are we going to have this conversation, I look for love with either or , I’m not into one more then the other , and I really found what I’m looking for in you mark why cant you believe that”

“I’m sorry , I just am really happy and content with my life and I never been happy and content before I just don’t want this to be a dream and wake up to a nightmare”

“this isn’t a dream ,its real life , I want you and only you , I want you to be my first with gay sex , I want to be yours forever and always


“Steve you up” josh entered my room while Oliver and I were under the covers kissing and touching

“oh god sorry” we parted looking at him

“its okay , come in”

“are you sure I can always come back”

“no we are dressed kind of” we both had on our jeans I sat up exposing our chest

“so what’s up” I asked

“sam kissed me and I kissed him back and it was great ”

“wait what?”

“yeah , full on lips to lips “

“wow , how was it man” Oliver asked

“different , I mean when Steven kissed me it was great , but I think that had to do with him being my best friend , with sam my dick got hard” we both laughed

“I’m straight, god but with Sam I feel , I feel”

“free from expectations, that you would face with being with the ambers and Lauren’s of the world, lets face it , you get hurt by these girls maybe this is your way of not wanting to be hurt you know ” I stated

“yeah, Steve Oliver , I’m scared because I like girls but I want to see where this leads”

“josh , you have to do what’s best for you and if dating sam is what you want then I think you should do it , but don’t toy with him, if you think this is just a phase or something do not get his hopes up only to let him down”

Just then Olivers Phone started to rang he reached for it and answered

“hello….what the hell do you want……. Yeah um okay I guess” he hung up we looked at him

“that was my dad he wants to see me”

“are you going to go see him” I asked

“yeah , they want to apologize to me” Oliver looked lost as if he didn’t know what to expect

“that’s a good thing I guess” I reached from my shirt and put it on , so did Oliver the three of us went downstairs and stopped as we watched the scene was unfolding before us

“Janie will you marry me” we looked on she was stunned we were stunned

“say yes” I practically yelled they looked up at us looking at them , Cooper smiled at us then looked at Janie

“lets be a family you me and Justin , I love the both of you very much”

“oh my god yes , I’ll marry you” they kissed. Oliver grabbed my hand and we looked at each other with a smile

“That’s awesome you guys” Josh stated

“I should go over to my parents house , you should come we can be a united front”

“no I’ll pass and you need to stand up to them and tell then what it is you want from them,”

“your right I need to do this alone , but they will have to face that you and I are in a relationship” I nodded we got to ground level and Oliver hugged his brother and told him he was going over to their parents house Cooper asked if he wanted him to go but Oliver Declined then left Janie showed me her rock of a ring she was so excited Josh and I congratulated them and went into the kitchen

“wants something to eat” I asked

“yeah a sandwich will be nice”

“okay , Turkey and cheese coming up” I made us a sandwich and grabbed two cokes

“so you and Sam”

“His kisses make my knee’s weak, Steve-o, and I thought Lauren was a good kisser” I smiled

“Welcome to the club buddy”

“what the gay and bi club” I nodded yes

“you will be inducted when you get laid”

“hey” he punched my arm we both laughed

“ I really don’t know where any of this came from I liked girls , having sex with them , being in relationships with them , but now I like Sam , how is that possible”

I shrugged my shoulders

“life is mysterious like that Dude!” josh nodded as we finished our sandwich


“Oliver!, its so good to have you home” my mother hugged me

“its nice to see you too” I just stood there without really hugging her back

“is he here” I heard my father , he came down the stairs

“how have you been son”

“you know what , lets just cut to the chase , what do you really want” I asked

“ Oliver , we want you to move back home” my mother said

“im fine where I am”

“you are Sixteen years old , we are in charge” my father practically yell

“ I wonder how the state would feel knowing I was physically throw out of here before , its not really all that stable for kids”

“you wouldn’t do that because of Owen” they were right, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I had my baby brother taken away

“I’m not moving back and that’s final”

“okay , we can respect that, but we love you , I love you son, and im so sorry for hurting you” my dad said , he never apologized this was big

“wow thank you dad”

“your welcome , son can you at least come over sometime so we can see you make sure you are okay”

“I don’t see why not , it wouldn’t hurt to do that .” they both seemed happy with that .

I stayed for a while talked to my mother for a little while , dad seem to have changed , hopefully for the better ,

“why is Oliver Car in the drive way” Owen said as he came into the family room he saw me and ran to me and hugged me

“Oliver I missed you”

“I missed you too buddy”

“so are you moving back in” he asked excited

“no , I just came for a visit”

“will you visit more often or can I come and visit you”

“of course , I would love for you to come and visit me , Bro’s always” we did our handshake that Owen and I created

“I should get going


“Mark , where are you”

“I'm in here” , I followed the sound of his voice and when I went into his room he was naked laying on his bed his body was immaculate and I began to feel my cock expand

“the only way to make all this even is it you get butt naked” I grinned and took off my t-shirt

“come here” mark scooted to the edge of the bed as I stood in front of him he kissed my stomach and licked down my trail leading to my cock , he unbuckled my bed and pulled my jeans and boxers all the way down , my cock was at its full length. He leaned in and kissed the head of my cock I couldn’t believe we were finally going all the way

“fuck mark your mouth is so fuck” I huskily said I tossed my head back , he turned his head sideways and wrapped his tongue around my shaft milking me , I never had anyone do that to me I felt myself getting close

“mark if you don’t stop that then I am going to come” he looked up at me his blue eyes settled on mine he is so gorgeous

“my turn babe” I stated , he released my hard cock and scooted up to me , my lips attacked his sweet lips

“relax mark” I kissed his neck licking on his adam apples

Then down to his perfectly defined pecks , I licked his erect nipples mark moaned
I went to the other one doing the same then sucked on the other one , mark ran his fingers in my hair

I kissed and licked my way down to his cock I kissed the mushroom head then I licked the slit of his cock tasting his pre-cum , just doing this got me going , my hard cock was aching to be touch, as i engulfed his dick in my hot mouth i reached down and set my own free. mark Gripped my head and began assaulting my mouth, i stared jerking my own cock as he was my pumping in and out of mouth.

“I want you to fuck me baby” mark stated

I pushed my cock into marks ass and his hole engulfed itself onto my manhood , the way it was wrapped around my cock beat any girl I was with, I felt a sensation that I never thought I would feel

“Spencer you feel so good!!” Mark practically yell as I was going in and out of him, he wrapped his strong legs around my body I could feel his calfs on my ass I bent down and kissed him he was moaning in my mouth

“Mark I cant hold on much longer , your so tight and it feels so good”

“cum for me babe he lifted his leg up higher I slid in even more

“ohhhhh Spencer oh my god” I busted inside my boyfriend , I know what some of ou might think and mark busted all over his chest I collapsed on top of him nuzzling my face in his neck kissing his neck . Mark wrapped his arms around me rubbing my back

“you and that body is mine forever” I stated

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” mark smiled at me

“second round your fucking me” mark smiled

“I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way” we smiled at each other


Back at the Greyson house

Mr Greyson always have an agenda and to him Steven was bringing his son down morally , he had to do what was best for his son and that was to De-gay him , and what better way to do it , then get rid of the one who turned Oliver , Steven ..yes Steven would play the key role in getting his son back and also a phone call from someone he knew would be very useful as well . Oliver father picked up his cell and dialed the number

“hello!” came the voice on the other line

“would you like to make a cool hundred grand”


“I need you to seduce my son , and break up his relationship with his faggot friend can you do that”

Their was laughter on the other end of the phone

“oh I think I can” …..


“two double cheese burgers onion rings and chocolate milk shake” the waiter said putting our food on the table we started to eat

“Hi” we both looked over to a girl with curly hair she seemed nice but what did she want I thought

“hi I waved

“I’m sorry , my parents just moved here and well I don’t know you both seem nice” Oliver gave me a look

“excuse us for a minute” she smiled then stepped back

“remember the last person who “just arrived here” he stated

“she looks our age what harm could she possibly be”

“I guess, we have got to stop picking up strays” I laughed at that she came back over

“I’m Steven” she shook my hand

“I’m Oliver” she shook his hand looking him up and down in a way I didn’t like

“im Candice” she said

“there you are”

“dad , over here, well it was nice seeing you guys maybe we can hang out some time”

“sure thing” I said she smiled then they walked away

“we wont be hanging out with her will we”

“I don’t know, I cant figure her out” I stated

“I’m sure you will” I rolled my eyes he laughed then leaned over and kissed me


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