Before and After Episode 27

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Before and After Episode 27

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Before and After
“how to breath”
Written by tony


“you fucking faggot” he ripped my jeans “your going to take it”

“nooooooooo” I yelled and jumped up the whole class was looking at me including the teacher . I looked around and noticed Oliver starring at me, I stood up and ran out of the classroom to the bathroom. This has got to be one of the worst I thought . I turned the water on and threw water in my face . I looked in the mirror and saw Oliver standing there

“what’s going on” he asked sincerely

“why do you care , you are not my boyfriend anymore”

“that was your doing Steven , you broke up with me, without so much as an explanation”:

“Oliver you hound me at home and now at school , I don’t want to talk about this“

“ I love you , I can move on you know , girls and guys have been throwing themselves at me since it became public knowledge that we aren’t together anymore. But I don’t want anyone Steven I want you . Please talk to me”

“I’m damaged goods Oliver you can do much better . Find a guy you deserve” he looked sad I walked out the bathroom . I didn’t want to drag him into any of my problems anymore

After school I walked out and Spencer and Amanda were standing there talking

“hey Steve” Spencer said with a smile

‘hey “ I walked passed them

“what the hell is wrong with you.” Amanda yelled coldly I stopped dead in my tracks and I could feel the vile venom words on the tip of my tongue , I turned around and gave her the death stare

“nothing is wrong with me bitch, what is wrong with you . What your pursuing Marks boyfriend now, I guess you take what isn’t yours but Spencer is bi so he might be into a whore” I walked away

“so uncalled for Steven” I head spence

“what ever!” I shouted back I went to my car and left out

Oliver .

I left out of school and saw Steven speeding out the parking lot when I reached the bottom of the steps Spencer and Amanda gave me a look

“something is wrong with him” Amanda rolled her eyes

“something is wrong Spencer . I don’t know he wont talk to me .ever since the kidnapping he’s been this way”

“why do you still care didn’t he break up with you, no offence Oliver but you need to leave crazy steven in the past once and for all” Amanda rolled her eyes and walked away

“do you think more could have happened with Steven in that motel room”

“I’m afraid to even, think about that , when I found him his jeans were ripped and he was shaking, but I didn’t further inspect Steven, I was just happy he was alive, I don’t know what he was tested for when he was rushed to the doctor”

Josh came out with sam laughing

“hey Josh can we talk privately” I asked

“I guess that’s my que , see you josh” Sam walked away

“do you know what’s bother Steven” he turned white

“something is definitely up with him , we are worried” Spencer added

“um I have to go guys” he ran off

What the hell was going on , what did he and Steven know that we didn’t

“did you see that or was that just me”

“oh I saw that , they are clearly hiding something Oliver, Since Steven is important to both of us , we have to find out what’s going on”


I went home

“ hey” my mother was sitting at the table looking at pictures of when me and Janie were little

“hi mom” I sat down

“time goes by so fast , Janie has a family your growing up. Im just so happy you are safe and sound, and thanksgiving is just around the corner I get to have my whole family here this holiday” I smiled

“I love you mom, so much I mean I love dad too but when dad wasn’t talking to me , I always had you , and I know I always will , I love you”

“I love you too” she smiled at me tussling my hair I stood up and went upstairs I began to cry . I wish I could tell her I was raped . All these thoughts were clouding my head , I heard the door open josh came over to me I hugged him , he held me tight

“you alright Steve!”

“no, I cant sleep . I cant stop thinking about it , and Oliver is asking questions Josh , I don’t want to lose him but I don’t want him to know. I don’t want him to think less of me”

“Steven it is not your fault what that monster did . Tell Oliver he needs to know , he loves you so much . don’t do this , how many stories or movies we watched when the guy or girl pushes the person they love away right into someone else arms“

“your right , I guess but”

“no buts ,you told me. And I don’t think any less of you “ he wiped my tears
With that I picked up the phone and dialed Oliver’s cell he picked up immediately

“Steven!, are you okay”

“can you come home , I really need you”

“of Course , I’m on my way” I hung up Josh told me he was meeting Sam and I wanted to know what was going on there but I knew he would be Coy with me , so I didn’t even speak of it , he left and ten minutes later Oliver rushed in my room I stood up and went over to him wrapping my arms around him he wrapped his hands around me

“I don’t want to break up, I’m sorry”

“I know baby, so are you my boyfriend again”

“yes” I started crying I broke down

“he Raped me, Oliver” he froze then stepped back

“I knew it , why didn’t you tell me baby oh god” Oliver began crying

“I told the police but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to think less of me”

“Steven that’s stupid I think the world of you, you should of told me , for weeks I knew something wasn’t right , you stop sleeping with me , you didn’t want anyone touching you that fucking bastard god if he wasn’t in jail right now I would kill him myself”


“ Communication is the next step to recovery Steven” I looked at Dr Mueller she half smiled , then I looked over at my mom , dad , Oliver had my hand in his I looked at him he gave me a reassuring look I then looked at my mom and dad again

“mom dad I have to tell you guys something , something I been hiding” they both looked at me as if they were expecting the very worst

“Steven breath , they love you , it is okay” Dr Mueller spoke softly

“the night I was kidnapped , I was Raped, remember dad three days after when I was in the kitchen , you came up behind me and touched my shoulders I jumped breaking the glass”

“you didn’t want to be touched , oh my god Steven!” he looked lost for words

“when I kissed you goodnight , the night you moved into the Den , you jumped away from me like I had leprosy” my mom added

“and he ended things with me ,because he couldn’t deal with it” OLiver added
I squeezed his hand

“well it seems , Steven you are trying to get passed this ordeal , and it wont be easy but with my help and the help of your love ones you will be able to look forward in life, don’t push the people you love away when you really need them now”

“I get it Dr Mueller I just feel like I can breath now that I said it, and knowing the creep is behind bars, helps a lot ”

“well each day will be a struggle Steven , but it will become less of a burden I you can get passed this ordeal, that’s why I wanted this family meeting , so everyone can be on the same page and you can successfully get any help you need”

after my counseling session, we went home . Mom started cooking since thanksgiving was tomorrow dad and I went in the back to talk

“are you really okay Steven”

“dad I’m better, I didn’t think something like that could happen to me ,and it did, but im not completely broken though”

“you are so strong , my little guy” he tussled my hair “you been through so much partly because of me , but you are really someone I look up to son, im proud to call you my son” he kissed me on my forehead I got a little teary eyed


As I was helping Mrs. Mithcell cook for thanksgiving my cell phone began to ring I answered


“hey bro , its cooper , I am the daddy” I laughed

“you watch too much maury, so how does it feel to actually have proof that Justin is your son”

“I don’t know , I have a son , I just want to buy him stuff, all kinds of crazy toys I know he will like”

“So do it , he’s your son splurge on the little guy”

“thanks for being here for me Oliver , I know I don’t say it that often but I love you”

“ I love you too Big Bro, and how could I not when you were there for me , when I came out to you ”

“True , but seriously it’s the holidays and mom and dad misses you , you know. They talk about you, you should call, especially since thanksgiving is tomorrow”

“no! , they kicked me out not the other way around they want to talk they will have ot reach out first. I’m not going to gravel or beg to be in a family that does not want me , because I found one that does and I love them

“I get that , the Mitchells are a nice family but Oliver we are your family too and I don’t condone what mom and dad did , but everyone makes mistakes and I really think they want you back”

“I don’t know Cooper , I might be willing to talk but I will never live with them again”

“I think that’s fare , I guess I will be seeing you either way, the family is coming up for the holidays so the house will be packed , uncle Phil and his family , aunt Laura and hers and a few of our cousins , so I will be there with the family for most of the day and I will be coming over for dinner at the Mitchell’s with Janie and Justin”

“cool at least I will have my brother and nephew at the table with me and the Mitchell clan”

Thanksgiving Day

“Steven Mitchell if you touch another piece of Sweet Potatoe pie I will ground you for a week”

“mom, come on ever since you gave up pumpkin pie for this its been the best day of my life”

“really!, well thank the internet, that’s where I got the recipe now I would like for there to be pie for everyone not for you Mr. greedy” I laughed “what do you give thanks for anyway , because I think you think this day is about food”

“well it is mom think about it , when do we really ever get to eat our favorite foods and not feel guilty about it , Thanksgiving and Christmas “ I started laughing

“haha ,you’re a funny boy, actually more of a smart ass” mom rolled her eyes

“Seriously I am thankful for my health , and a great family and a great boyfriend who has been here for me when I was really crappy to him “

“good , where is Oliver ?” I shrugged my shoulders


I knocked on the door of the mansion , Janie opened the door

“Oliver , hey”

“what are you doing here?” I asked

“your parents wanted to see Justin since we are having dinner at home with you guys, aren’t you coming in?” I was about to but something stopped me

“no, I’ll see you at home” I turned around and started walking

“Oliver?” I heard my mother I turned she had a smile on her face

“come in” I shook my head no

“Oliver I’m sorry for the way I acted , I love” I stopped her

“you don’t love me , you don’t throw away your kid and then tell him you love him , you don’t get to love me , Steven loves me the Mitchells all of them love me , my brother loves me , you and that man , don’t love me, so don’t say it ” I began to tear up because I was angry

“Oliver , come on it’s okay” Janie said with a smile I saw Cooper appear next to her with Justin

“hey Oliver you came” he saw my face and came over to me

“what’s wrong” he put his hand on my shoulder

“this was a mistake I hate them” I turned and walked to my car I got in and rode away why did I show up they kicked me out of there, ,I just couldn’t forgive them , not that easy .

I Drove to Infer-red and sat at one of the booths I just wanted to think

“hey” Megan sat down I rolled my eyes

“nice to see you too Oliver what’s wrong , you and Steven over again”

“no, its my parents they kicked me out because I was gay and now they want me back, I just cant Go back there , not after the way I was treated “

“yeah, I see your point , and I bet sharing a bed with Steven is much more appealing then sleeping in your own”

“its nice waking up next to the boy I love, I wouldn’t trade that in for anything but sometimes I miss my family I know I sound like a yoyo”

“don’t sweet it , I think you should continue to stay with the mitchells but I think maybe you should give your family a second chance at least if they screw up again you can walk away knowing you tried” Jeff came in

“hey babe” Jeff kissed Megan then sat down next ot her

“what’s up” we did our handshake

“nothing I’m good I guess, nothing I cant handle , I got to go meet Steven, so you guys have a happy holiday, I‘ll see you two back at school” with that I got up and made my way home

When I got home Steven was in the kitchen mixing pie batter

“I see your on pie duty”

“apparently if you eat a whole pie you have to make another one” I laughed

“I love your sweet tooth”

“yeah, they will surly give me love handles”

I came up behind him kissing his neck

“more cushion for the pushin” he turned around and wrapped his arms around my neck we kissed

“What’s wrong?” he asked grabbing my hand

“you can tell?” I asked

“of course I can” we sat down

“my parents want to be in my life again”

“that’s a good thing right”

“ I don’t know Steven , I just don’t know how I can go back to before they treated me like I was a nothing to them”

“my dad was no saint Oliver, he wanted nothing to do with me , but when I got hurt I think it put it in perspective that I was his son , and I could have been gone from his life , he didn’t like that feeling , so he changed , and I love him , I guess all I wanted was for him to accept me , I could of easily said stay away from me , because you treated me like I was nothing but he’s my dad. And I know how great he was, maybe your parents just needed time to adjust to it , like my dad”

“I guess , god I love you, you always know what to say”

“I know I have that effect on all the boys”

“funny” we both laughed

“are you going to help me make this pie before my mother goes ballistic”

“sure, I cant have her killing my baby now can I ”

He smiled at me and we made pie together J.

** Happy Holidays**

only 3 more Chapters to go


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