College Bound episode 13

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College Bound episode 13

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College bound: "The Truth"

Written by Tony


It felt like I was in a movie , as I walked into the precincts , I was
fingered and a mug shot was taking , was all this necessary all that was
missing was the slow Music that plays when a innocent person is convicted
on a movie or show based on law. Thank God for Danny and Stefan , I was put
into a hotel I was bitter and angry , at the whole world and especially
Landon for believing I could hurt his girlfriend , Danny had to go that
night leaving me and Stefan alone

"A penny for your thought?" he asked as he sat on my bed

"I don't know what I'm thinking or feeling right now I just , cant believe
this is happening" I looked over at him, he half smiled at me taking my
hand in his

"yeah I get that" Stefan said as his cell went off he looked at the number
then at me

"I have to go will you be alright?" he asked

"um yeah" he smiled then kissed me and left at least I had Stefan


Ashlee got better but something was off with her she slept in my bed and I
held her , but call it a gut feeling because I was now Doubting Her. I
stood up and I went downstairs to make her some Chamomile tea , while I put
the water on I thought about the things I said to Eric . I regretted my
words I was just disappointed that he would do something like that
. Nothing made since anymore what if he did do it what if he didn't at this
point he did and that was the sad reality. After I put her tea in a mug I
went upstairs as I approached my room I heard voices ;it was Joe and Ashlee

"Joe we will have sex soon let me just play the sympathy card on Landon so
he can believe that the fag really beat me, plus I have help on the inside
someone close to Eric is helping out"

"why did you lie to began with?" Joe asked

"because I didn't want him putting the wrong idea's in my boyfriend head, I
think Landon is standing on the border line between gay and straight and
one push will send him right into Eric's arm and I cant have that" joe

"if you care about him so much then why are you fucking me" he asked

"because we are simply Physical Joe, Landon is husband material, he comes
from a prominent wealthy family ,and he's gorgeous not that you aren't its
just he can do more for me than you"

I was shocked and upset she only wanted some title , we aren't even that
wealthy yeah we are upper middle class anyway , I knew Eric couldn't do
this but I listened to her I said some horrible stupid stuff to him, I felt
nauseous I accused him of some really bad things , im the one who called
the cops on him this was all my fault. I heard mike walking towards the
door I hurried around the corner he came out and went in his room I walked
in my room

"babe your up, I made you tea" she smiled

"you are so sweet"

"so I have to go talk to one of my professors will you be okay without me"
she nodded yes

"I'm sure I can get Mikey or Joe or someone to keep me company" , she was
really a nasty hoe I thought as I plastered a fake smile on my face

"sounds good, I still cant believe Eric would hurt you the way he did ,
what a nut case" I played along with her charade

" I know, I cant believe he was waiting in the closet for me"

"the closet? , I thought you said he came into my room and attacked you"

"yeah , um my memory is a bit screwed up"

"its okay" I kissed her on the forehead then got dressed

"rest okay" she nodded yes I left out , what a lying bitch


I went to his dorm Building and found Danny sitting in the Quad looking
lost as ever my guess because Eric wasn't there

"where's Eric I really need to talk to him" I asked as I approached him he
looked up at me with an annoyed look

"why so you can accuse him of hitting your girl again" I put my head down,
I said some shitty things to Eric


"How could you Eric!" i yelled as the police officers were taking him out
in hand cuff

"I didn't do anything" he stated

"tell that to my girlfriend you are not a man you know that, I thought you
were just joking but you weren't you were serious of getting rid of her" he
put my head down

" I didn't do this"

"whatever , you are Evil more like a piece of Trash. Stay away from me and
Ashlee" I said walking away from him , it hurt me so much to say those


"so I can apologize , I made a huge mistake I need to talk to him"

"you know I would think you knew Eric a little better ,to see he is at best
a mild gentle guy how can you honestly think he could attack someone" I
looked away

"I saw her and freaked and she said Eric did this , what was I suppose to

"believe him , I immediately did without any facts Landon"

"your right, I should have given him the benefit of the doubt instead of
yelling at him, please Danny , I just want to make things right" he sighed

"okay, he's at the Holiday inn on Tremont avenue, I think this whole
experience for Eric is hurting his spirit , he doesn't even seem like the
same person anymore, and knowing he doesn't have your support and that you
hate him and believe her is just insult to Injury" he added i put my head
down and thought about what I said , how could I treat him that way

. I left once I got the hotel number and went over to the hotel , I went to
the room and knocked, Eric opened up he was about to slam the door but I
stuck my foot in

"Eric please I need to talk to you" I hated that I blamed him "I'm sorry
Eric please"

he looked angry at me but let me in , I came in and turned to face him

"what do you want, I'm dead to you remember" he said

" I didn't mean that , I was upset , I didn't know what to believe" I

"how about me, you know I would never do that but you believed the worst in
me landon , the complete worst" I came close

"I know I should have listen to my heart when it was telling me , you are a
good guy , the best guy I know Eric you mean so much to me and to know that
I may have hurt you just doesn't sit well with me" he sat down on the bed

"is she that threatened by me that she had to make it seem like I hurt
her" I sat down next to him

"I guess , I don't know" I turned to look at him he looked at me

" I guess she was convincing" I found myself moving closer to Eric

"what are you doing" he asked I stood up and faced him I leaned in placing
my hands on each side of the bed towering and locking him in with my Arms I
leaned in and our nose touched I kissed him , my heart melted , I pressed
into him even more so engulf in his sent the feeling of his skin oh god I
was in love with Eric, we were in the mist of passion when he pushed me

"Landon , we cant, come on you have a girlfriend and im kind of seeing
someone" he stated I was disappointed I touched his face

"Okay, alright but I plan on braking up with her " I stood up "I should go
, but I will make sure all of this is straightened out for you" he smiled

"thanks Lan, I guess " he stated

"I will spend every day trying to make up for what happen" With that I
left out of the hotel room. I needed to find the inside man who helped


Stefan came over and kissed me

"how are you holding up" he asked

"okay , I guess . Landon came by he believes I didn't hurt Ashlee" "that's
a good thing. Right"

"yeah, "

"but this happened so perfectly and she knew who to blame it makes me think
she had some kind of help or something"

"That's Crazy"

"Stefan, thank you"

"For what?"

"for being here for me, you could be out with other girls but you are here
with me"

"that's because I care about you Eric" he attacked my lips with his one
thing was definitely leading to another I began to unbutton his shirt he
took off mine

"you want to" he asked I nodded yeah I straddled him with my legs kissing
him his hands rubbed up and down my back kissed his neck going down to his
chest he had full dime size pink nipples

"we never been all the way before Eric , im kind of nervous"

"I mean you don't have to we can do other stuff"

"but I want to . I mean I want my first guy sex to be with you"

"good , I'm glad , finally I found a guy who isn't using me" After I said
that something changed, I could see it in his face . I couldn't place it
. But it was odd to me . And then he pushed me back a little

"Eric I have to go" I stood up and so did he , he put his shirt back on and
Left in a hurry . Why was he so in a rush for . Didn't he just say he
wanted this



I went to my room thinking about how everything went down, and how I would
get my best friend out of this mess when I heard a knock on the door, I got
off my bed I opened the door and Adam was standing there he smiled

"Miss me"

"Adam , what are you doing here"

"I wanted to see you, I missed you Danny"

"Adam, um wow" he hugged me

"I'm transferring back , they wouldn't except all of my credits and I would
rather pull my eyes out then repeat six courses I already taken and passed,
can I sit

"um sure" he sat on my bed

"so how are you , you look great" I smiled

"I'm fine thanks . Adam I have to tell you

"babe! Where should we go to eat" Justin stopped and looked at Adam then me

"babe?" Adam said out loud he looked at me then Justin I felt guilty about
something but what , its not like we were ever a couple , we fooled around
and he was a dick in the beginning but he turned out to be a great guy ,
and that's when he left

"yeah that's usually what you say to your boyfriend" Justin grabbed my hand
Adam looked at our hands together

"oh , um I should go, you two have a good night" Justin gave Adam a angry
look, Adam walked passed us and out the door, I so wanted to go after him

"what the hell was he doing in our room" Justin looked at me as if he was
accusing me of something

"he just showed up, I wasn't going to turn him away"

"why not "


"because your still into him, don't play me for a fool Danny please" I
kissed Justin wrapping my arms around his strong back I felt his tongue lick
my lips for entrance I opened up for him

"Adam is still important to me , but you're my boyfriend , you come first"
he nuzzled his face in my neck I grabbed my arms around his neck

"I just care about you. I don't want you to hurt me like I did to Eric ,
but maybe that's what I deserve

"shut up Justin!, I'm not going to do anything to hurt us, what about you!
Have you been doing anything" he looked nervous

"um nothing "

His cell rung

"I'm sorry have to get this" he stepped out the room

Landon **

I followed Ashlee from her sorority house , she walked as if she was in a
hurry we ended up in the park I put on my hood and kept my space from her
she finally stopped and I went behind a bushes she pulled out her cell and
dialed the number she looked around

"meet me at the park we have to go over the story one more time"

I heard Ashley say, I was finally going to see who the hell she worked with
to set Eric up and I had to get proof so he could come back , I owed him
that at least.

(To be Continue)


Next Chapter

Who helped Ashlee with Framing Eric , Will Landon see who it was that had
a part in all of this .

And as the Semester ends what will happen with Adam and Danny now that
Justin and Danny are no more .and Will Eric and Landon finally be together.


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