The Adventures Of Adam Episode 2

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The Adventures Of Adam Episode 2

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The Adventures of Adam
“Mixed signals”
Written by Tony

It was morning and i poured a bowl of Cereal but when i sat down to eat i thought about Aiden and my first time meeting him, his smile his lips everything

“what are you smiling about” i snapped out of my daydreaming of the perfect boy and mom was giving a amusing look

“what are you smiling about” I realized I was daydreaming about Aiden again

“nothing , just thought about today, that’s all , going to Stuyvesant High school , im sure it will be different then Lincoln

“eat up and get ready for school , the Driver will take you”

:thank you mom”

“for what”

“not sending me to one of those stuffy uniform school those rich brats go to” she laughed

“well your welcome but your seventeen what would I look like sending you to a school like that I know you would rebel, anyway I have to go honey , hurry up” she lefto ut in a hurry

I got dressed , Red hoodie light blue jeans red sneakers I put a little bit of gel in my hair make sure it was Cropped the right way and I grabbed my messenger bag. I left out said good morning to the sexy door man and got into a black car

“were to Sir”

“345 chambers street” he nodded it took fifteen minutes to get there he pulled and I got out I looked at the big sign , it had a dull green background with big sliver letters Reading Stuyvesant High School. Kids were going inside and I walked in as well, this school was a lot different from Lincoln High in new jersey , our school had three floor tops but we had a wider layout. I felt really confused looking around , some kids were looking at me , I think a lot of the time , they know who is new and who is not.

“you new here” I turned my head to a guy standing there he had golden blond hair and green eyes he looked the part of total jock , he would fit in with Tyler and oliver .

“yeah, I’m Adam”

“Travis” we shook hands

“I’ll take you to the office”

“thank you” he lead me to the office

A women wearing glasses walked over to us from behind the counter

“how can I help you”

“I’m new its my first day”

“what is your name” she asked

“its Adam Rainer” she typed in my name in the computer

“there you are. She printed out a course sheet

“your home room is with Mr. Shelby , and that starts in three minutes” The women informed me.

“you have Home room with me, don’t worry about it , I’ll guide you” he was Cute but Most Definitely Straight. Before we got to homeroom he turned to me

“you’ll be fine” he placed his hand on my back it felt good there the bell rung and we continued to walk until we reached the room

“Mr, Kelly your late again”

“sorry Mr Shelby I was just helping the new Kid out” the other kids were looking at me I felt naked

“you must be Adam Rainer , I saw you name pop up on the Attendance a few days ago , take a seat anywhere” I scanned the room . Travis waved me over , I sat next to him , a Girl with Long Brown hair turned around and smiled at me , that’s the only thing I hated about new schools , to the girls I was automatically straight until I clarified I a gay.and I didn’t want to do the whole coming out thing again.

“looks like you have an admirer” Travis bumped me

“to bad I’m not interested” he looked at me and looked as if he was in thought

Class was over relatively fast and I had Computers without Travis and also Math without him too, but lunch came around and he was sitting by himself I sat down across from him , he looked up and smiled

“where is your Crew” I asked he chuckled

“I don’t have many friends maybe three tops , they all kind of flaked on me when they found out I was gay”

“wait your gay?” he nodded yes

“and so are you” Travis stated as a matter of fact

“what? How do you know that” I asked

“Adam ,I have Serious Gaydar , I was hoping maybe we can be friends or something”

“yeah , I would like that”

“this school has its homophobes but it isn’t that bad”

“at my old school there were a lot of gay guys there . My ex boyfriend, he wasn’t much of a boyfriend we only dated for a few weeks he was on the football team , so was this guy mark I was fooling around with ”

“sounds like I am in the wrong School” we both laughed .

He had no idea

I notice the girl walk pass she brushed into me , I looked up she smiled

“Vikki definitely want’s that Cock of yours” I rolled my eyes he laughed


After school I met Aiden at the Local Starbucks

“so how was your first day” he asked all smiles

“it was fine , I met a few people that were cool, what about you”

“I met a few new people as well”

“really! Do tell”

“nah, this is our time” it kind of sounded like he was hiding something

“so you want to..” his phone interrupted me, he opened it and started texting

I didn’t continue I just looked at him while he completely ignored me . I seriously didn’t think meeting him would turn out like this

“um , I have to go, homework” I stood up he didn’t even pay me any attention I shook my head is anger and left

For some reason I felt angry upset . I bet he didn’t even realize I was gone

I got home and Dad was in his office I peek my head in

“hey dad”

“Adam!, I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while come in” I sat down on the leather arm chair facing him behind his desk

“so what have you been up to”

“today was my first day of school”

‘how was it”

“it was fine I cant complain, where’s mom”

“she will be working late”

“dad I’m going for pizza”

“okay son” I got up and left out deciding to go to the pizza shop Aiden took me too
When I got there I ordered a slice

“well well well” I turned around and Krys was standing there

“where’s your little boyfriend”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, why are you always here aren‘t models suppose to be anorexic” I totally forgetting our charade he laughed at that

“aww he broke up with you that soon?” Krys was too cute, but deathly annoying .

“I am not in the mood Krys”

“so you know my name , can I ask for yours”

“Why? ” I asked he smiled

“you are way cute I just want to know it , is that a crime”

“it’s Adam”

He held out his hand I was skeptical about shaking his hand but I did he pulled me into a kiss I pushed him back he laughed

“and your such a sweet kisser” he licked his lips “taste good too”

I turned back around and got my food I paid then sat down he sat down opposite of me
And i began to eat

“let me guess, Aiden is occupied with someone else, he plays innocent but he isn’t , there is always two sides to a story”

“Really , so I was told you cheated on him , so what’s your side”

“oh I did, and I don’t regret it , Aiden was a horrible boyfriend . don’t get me wrong he is a sweetheart and great to look at but he just doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend . And he doesn’t pick up on signs really well either , you could be into him and he wouldn’t even know it . that’s what happen, there was this boy name Donovan hanging around and I tried to tell him that Donovan was into him but he didn’t believe me . I was tired of him hanging around and Aiden never telling him to get lost so I slept with Chamber”

I didn’t say anything

“so what is your story Adam”

“I don’t have one” he reached over and took hold of my hand

“come on”

I snatched my hand away

“Adam seriously I did nothing wrong to you , why do you dislike me” he was right , I had no reason to dislike him ,

“your right, I’m sorry” he smiled at that

“I’m from new jersey and I go to Stuyversant high school”

“cute and smart”

“are you flirting with me”

“maybe” he winked at me , I tried hard not to give into him , he knew how to use his looks to get what he wanted . But I made sure it wouldn’t work with me

“what about chamber?”

“Chamber is not my boyfriend , he just serves his purpose”

I looked at him annoyed

“he is a human being , don’t you think he deserves better then what you can give him

“of course , we all deserve better then what we have been given” he looked at me and for a second I saw a scared guy , not knowing what would happen in life next I wanted to tell him to be a better person but my phone went off

I got a text from Aiden it said to meet him at central park west I ended my conversation with Krys and left , maybe he wanted to apologize for ignoring me


My driver found Central Park West and I saw Aiden I got out of the car and walked over to him he hugged me

“I’m sorry about earlier” I smiled

“it’s totally okay dude” I assured him, he smiled

“I wanted you to meet someone”

“who?” I asked

“Levon! Come here” a guy came over he was my height had the same brown hair as me , brown eyes okay looking I guess

“Adam , this is Levon we met a few days ago and we are making it official he’s my boyfriend”

My heart just broke into a million pieces ,

“it’s nice to meet you” I held out my hand he shook it , Aiden looked at me weird. He must have heard the Defeat in my Voice

“I was thinking we go to this Café and talk”

“um , I cant I’m sorry I have homework and a lot of stuff” I turned around , why was I about to Cry , was it because I felt humiliated and I was the only person who knows how I feel , or the fact that I could have made a move on him when we first met but I was just trying to be a good guy . I must have read him wrong . This sucks why cant I never get the guy this all felt like a vicious cycle

“Adam!” Aiden caught up to me and grabbed me by my arm turning me around

“hey why are you crying”

“I’m not all these tree’s I get allergies in the fall “

“what’s going on”

“nothing , I just have a lot to do .” I ran off talk about Dramatic . I just couldn’t be there anymore . I hopped in the black Lincoln car and he took me home

When I went back home I went to my room , I didn’t want to be bothered , I know I didn’t have a claim to Aiden , I just liked him a lot and I guess Krys was right he just didn’t pick up on that , hell I thought he was flirting with me , the first time we met , I guess the signs being crossed were mutual.

The next day I woke up and took a shower I got ready for school went downstairs the door man held the door open I walked out the the town car .

“hey” I turned around Aiden was standing there he walked up to me

“what’s going on” he seemed genuinely concerned

“ I have school” I said sadly

“please, Adam talk to me” he placed his hand in mine he made my knee’s buckle with his touch

“Nothing , I have to get to school, Aiden I don’t think we can be friends anymore” I turned away from him

“what why?”

“I just cant”

I got in the car he pulled off I looked back Aiden was looking at the car he looked hurt I was sick of falling for the guy I couldn’t have . What was the point of being friends with someone I wanted but couldn’t have.

At school

I went to my locker I felt an arm around my neck I looked over and it was Travis

“hey , so I was thinking” I turned and kissed him square on the lips he pulled back
And looked and gave me a quizzical look

“what are you doing?” he asked calmly

“kissing you” I smirked

“why?” I thought I got the friend Vibe”

“you did , god I’m sorry , when I lash out I kiss and want to have sex, I’m talking to much” he chuckled

“easy tiger, what’s wrong” he asked

“I thought this guy liked me and it turns out he only likes me as a friend , he introduced me to some guy he just met and they are calling each other boyfriend, I just told him this morning we couldn’t be friends, was I being an insensitive jerk” I closed my locker and we started for homeroom ,

“yes and no, I mean yes , because you probably hurt his feelings and he doesn’t know why you don’t want to be his friend and no because your only trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. Sometimes you have to hurt others in order to put yourself first Adam” we walked into class before the Teacher

“hi Adam” Vikki smiled at me ,

“um hi” I went over and sat next to Travis again

“I think if you feel like you cant handle being around the guy you should just stay away for a while , it would probably be good for the both of you”.

I nodded in the positive

“I think that would be best rather than sit around and watch him start a relationship I wish I was in with him”



Hey guys thanks for reading . So a lot went down in this chapter . And I am thinking of making more characters give me some suggestions on what kind of characters you would like to see and how they should be involved in Adam’s life.

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